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Unbelievably, I haven’t really had time to catch up on my favorite podcasts over the break! I totally expected to be listening to them while I wrote blog posts, driving or getting ready, but this break has been so hectic that I just forgot about them.

Although I haven’t been religiously listening to them, these podcasts are my favorite (as of now).

1. My Favorite Murder

Karen and Georgia make a totally messed up topic and make it entertaining. That sounds wrong, but if you listen to it, you get it. Stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

2. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

A total 180º turn from MFM-I wrote a whole article on why I am obsessed with this podcast, but unfortunately it was on my other blog :(. Let’s just say that they treat HP as a (wait for it….) Sacred Text.

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3. Lore

Did I mention that I’m fascinated with creepy historical stories? No? Well if you are not easily scared and can handle some goosebumps, try this podcast.

4. Secrets, Crimes and Aduiotapes

SCA is an audio drama with a new episode released every week. Totally binge worthy. P.S.- they are doing their version of The Handmaid’s Tale-not a favorite book of mine, but their version is interesting.

5. Lady Lovin’

Calling fans of Laguna Beach and The Hills– this podcast is for you! Anchored (?) by Lo Bosworth, Jilly Hendrix and Greta Tilman Lady Lovin’ deals with all topics that most to all women deal with on a daily basis.

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6. Stuff You Missed in History Class

I’m also a closeted history nerd. I was in the final for my middle school Geography Bee (like a spelling bee, but for history/geography) so this podcast is right up my alley.

7. Life After

Totally binge worthy also! This is another audio drama that just finished a story about an FBI agent who spends his time conversing with his wife online-who died 8 months ago.

8. Myths and Legends

From Greek mythology to the origin of favorite characters, this podcast tells the nitty-gritty and explains the unusual stories behind popular legends.

9. Sword and Scale

Another true crime podcast! Although this one delves into the criminal mind, high profile trials and missing person cases.

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10. Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia

I started with a comedic podcast so why not end with another one? Remember blanket forts and footie pajamas? Well this is the adult version.

What are your favorite podcasts?

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Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

  • vernsavestheworld

    I’ve been on the hunt for new podcasts!! Can’t wait to listen to Life After!!

    xoxo, Veronica

  • I’m not into podcasts, but I want to be. Those crime ones sound so intriguing to me!

  • I need to check these out! The Lady Lovin’ one looks so interesting!

  • Alexis Schroeder

    I’m loving The Minimalists podcast!

  • Okay I’ve heard Sword & Scale can be SUPER disturbing (but definitely intriguing). I want to listen to the Lady Lovin podcast, I’ve never heard of it!

    • Sword and Scale is definitely not one to listen to right before bed, but during the day and when it’s light out it’s good!

  • Sword and Scale is my favorite even though it can be super violent and disturbing like Jordyn said.

  • Jamie

    Podcast’s are my life girl! Thanks so much for sharing all of your favorites. Always looking for recommendations!

    xx, Jamie

  • I love your picks, they all seem so interesting. Especially Myths and Legends since I’m a huge fan of them!

  • I’ve never heard of these before! I will be checking out Lady Lovin’ soon!

  • Ashley Vickney

    I need to try out Myths & Legends, but I’m so behind on my other ones I don’t know if I can add another! I listened to a lot of podcasts this fall at my internship, I need to start up again!

  • Miss ALK

    I always love finding fun new podcasts!! Some of these sound so cool (and the murder one sounds intriguing!).

    xoxo A

  • I keep wantintg to check out #2 but I honestly don’t really listen to podcasts! I don’t really commute anywhere so i usually just have the TV on or music. I can’t focus on the podcast and working for some reason 🙁

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  • Tara Berries

    I am checking out that Harty Potter podcast right away!

  • I want to get into podcasts SO BAD but I always forget about them! And there are some good ones too! I’m terrible lol

  • Ahh I love Slumber Party! Have you heard Georgia’s other podcast, My Favorite Murder? That’s my favorite! I’m a true crime junkie though haha

  • Rheanna

    I consider myself a total podcast junkie…but I found a few here I hadn’t discovered yet! Thanks for sharing!!! PS: fellow Murderino here!!!

  • Anna Hubbard

    Ooh I like the idea of crime podcasts! I’m currently listening to Gilmore Guys – two dudes and their guests talking about each episode of the series.
    -Anna |

  • I love hearing about podcasts because I’m so new to them. It’s nice to see what other’s are recommending so I know where to start!

  • I’m a history nerd, too! Got to check out that “Stuff You Missed In History Class” one!

  • Hooray for new podcasts to check out!

  • Lady Lovin sounds like the perfect podcast for me!

  • Abby

    Another true crime podcast lover! Recently, I listened to- and LOVED- Accused and In the Dark. I’m also enjoying Up & Vanished, Crime Writers On, and These Are Their Stories. I’m hanging in there with season 2 of Accused, even though I’m not sure I love it.

  • I have not listened to any of these. I def want to check out Lady Lovin’.

  • Leslie Soto

    These sound like some really awesome podcasts. I’ll definitely check out Myths & Legends and Slumber Party. Those sounds really fun and interesting.

  • Ashley Mason

    I LOVE podcasts and I’m always looking for new ones to listen to! So thanks for sharing these!

  • Esther Collins

    Thanks for sharing! I need to check out the Lady Lovin!

  • Allison Lancaster

    I need to check these out! I have been wanting to hear some good pod casts!

  • Oh IVe been on the hunt for some new podcasts. I definitely want to check out the Myths & Legends one love stuff like that.

  • I love listening to podcasts, especially when hitting the treadmill or on car trips. This is a great list, I’m looking forward to check some of these out in the near future!

  • I’ve just started listening to podcasts, I’ll definitely take a look at some of these, they sound so interesting!!

  • Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)

    I need to get into podcasts, they sound amazing!

  • Adriana

    I love your list! I need to check some of these out – I’m so into listening to podcasts lately! Love this!

  • Lexi Goyette

    This is a great list! I listen to about half of these, but I need to check out the others. Especially Life After, it sounds really cool!

    • Life After is so good! The end was a bit confusing though…