When I first started blogging, I never dreamed of all the questions I would have- and all the blogging help that was right at my fingertips (literally, ask a FB group or when in doubt Google it).

Asking for blogging help is never a bad thing, but I rounded up some posts/articles that would be of some help to any/all bloggers!

Blogging help links!

First things first, which platform is the best for me?

Every person is different and thus has a different opinnion on the best platform. Speaking from personal experience, Blogger is the best if you’re just starting out- but hey go with whatever frosts your cupcake.
Helpful links:
Choosing the best blogging platform
Blogging platforms providers
Blogging with Squarespace
and this dandy graphic I found on Pinterest:

Image via Pinterest

What about hosting?
I’ve used GoDaddy when I was on Blogger and Squarespace, now I’m with Bluehost- but I heard SiteGround is better…
Helpful links:
Moving your blog
How to start a blog
How to start a WordPress blog with SiteGround
Found this one today-Why I Left Bluehost for SiteGround

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I don’t think anyone knows everything about SEO- understanding the basics is the most beneficial
Helpful links:
25+ Common SEO Mistakes
The DIY guide to being an SEO expert
SEO Checklist
I was going to include some infographics, but I can’t choose! To see more just search “SEO” on Pinterest/Google

wordpress .ORG vs. wordpress .COM
I didn’t understand the difference when I first started blogging so I went with blogger
Helpful links:
WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org Comparison
WordPress 101 (it’s a whole page of WordPress how-tos. JACKPOT)
How To Upgrade From WordPress.com to WordPress.org 
Here is a simple graphic from Pinterest:

Image via Pinterest

What’s the best way to monetize my blog?
I followed the advice of these lovely ladies.
Blog Monetization 101
Monetize Your Blog
Monetizing Facts and Figures

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What goes into a media kit and other questions of that variety
My post is coming soon!
Helpful links
Media Kit Checklist
How To Create a Media Kit and Why Your Need One
How to Create a Blog Media Kit that Brands Will Love

The best way to boost engagement
How to Use Instagram Pods to Boost Your Engagement
How to Use Instagram as a Microblogging Platform
3 Psychology Principles That Boost Social Media Engagement

How should I pitch to a brand?
How to Pitch Brands and Convince Them to Partner with You
How to Write a Pitch Email
Writing an Email Pitch (To Get a Response)

How much should I charge?
How to price yourself as a blogger
How Much To Charge for a Sponsored Instagram Post
The Ultimate Guide to Sponsored Blog Posts

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What about photos/graphics?
Getting Started with Canva
How to Make Professional Blog Images with PicMonkey
20 Practical Uses of Photoshop for Bloggers
Here’s a graphic of picture sizes:

Image via Pinterest

And finally, Is what I’m doing legal?
Honestly, this site is the best.

Some more helpful links:
Choosing a WordPress template
7 Tips To Help Create Captivating Pinterest Graphics to Drive Clicks
35 Totally Free Resources to Help Grow your Blog
30 More Hashtags for Bloggers that Will Triple Likes
10 Useful Blogging Websites Every Blogger Should Know 

What sites do you recommend for blogging help?

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Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

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