I honestly don’t know what to post on Instagram sometimes. I know that having an aesthetic is somewhat quite important, I just don’t have one and I think it’s hurting me- and I’m trying to get my followers up to at least 1,000. HELP.

Figuring out my Instagram aesthetic

For a while (a long while) I didn’t plan my photos- I just posted whatever I wanted

Then I moved on to a somewhat busy/silly? aesthetic

From there I started to post mainly white and bright photos

Then- I don’t even know

Enter my pastels theme

Back to whites and I added browns

And then again with the busy-ness (it was Christmas time and everything seemed Instagrammable)

Back to whites and golds for the New Year

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Then I went with soft pinks and vibrant blues

Then yellows and soft filters

And finally, we have reds, whites and pinks (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

So based on the evidence here, I can’t commit to a single theme. I’m thinking I’ll try to stay with brighter colors with a softer filter? I really have no idea. Β PLEASE HELP ME!

Do you have an Instagram aesthetic? What do you think of them?


P.S. I googled ‘Instagram aesthetic help’ and this quiz popped up.

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  • shatonkwalb

    My only consistent aesthetic is the filter I use and my niche. If I do go off script and post something random – I make sure it doesn’t happen for more than 1 of 15 posts which is about a week for me.

    • Haha for the longest time I did that too!

  • MyRelDiary.com

    You are really girly-girl. I love your blog colors. Pink is the best color!^^
    I don’t have any aesthetic,,maybe my aesthetic is selfies, my instagram is kind of same – most of selfies.
    But your examples are great!

  • Bryn Doubledee


    Saw this and thought of you! Maybe this can kind of help you come up with some ideas? I’m struggling with finding what my aesthetic/theme is too.

    Bryn || http://www.the-wine-chronicles.blogspot.com

    • I love that post! I came across it when I searched Instagram aestheric before haha

  • K I feel the same! My feed constantly looks different. I try to make it seasonal sometimes, I try to make it minimal sometimes, I try to make it rich with colour sometimes…but I’m still not quite where I want to be with an overall cohesive aesthetic. Gosh it is so hard! Thanks for this post πŸ™‚

    • I know! I want to stick with a single theme, but my mind keeps changing!

  • Jordyn Upchurch

    I used to love the idea of an instagram “aesthetic” but now all I want to do are post pictures that make me happy-another blogger I follow once said “I am my own aesthetic” and I’ve followed that ever since! Post pictures that make you the happiest πŸ™‚

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  • Girlfriend, I’ve got a post for you! This should help: http://cominguprosestheblog.com/how-to-theme-your-instagram/

  • She and the Whale

    haha it’s sweet to see the growth of the style you had. I suppose consistence is important but having changes of aesthetics is more fun!

    • I kinda cringe when I look at that haha

  • hal

    this is really hard for me too! i try to stick to an aesthetic look but in order to really capture people’s true hair color I really can’t use a filter with makes the consistency so hard!

    • Lol I know that feeling all to well.

  • Christina Ropp

    I have been having trouble with this too, the problem is, I like all of the pretty things! I started using the Preview app (it’s free!) and that lets you re-arrange your photos and add the same filters to them to keep a cohesive look if you want it. It can be a little difficult to keep all of your pictures the same so I say, if you want to post something that doesn’t go with the exact look you’re going for, go for it anyways! Your followers are following you for your content, not just for a styled, cohesive theme. πŸ™‚

    • That’s basically what I do now haha! Thanks.

  • I’ve tried following an IG aesthetic for mine and learned that it makes me not want to post on IG anymore. I created so much pressure for myself to frame my photos to fit my theme. Eventually, I decided to give up on the theme and post whatever I feel like relates to my blog. Choosing and sticking to an aesthetic is so difficult. It can be rewarding, but if you’re not happy with following one, then don’t. Ultimately it’s your IG and you should be happy with the way it looks regardless if it fits a theme.

    I have learned that if I want consistency in my IG feed, I will choose a certain color/ item/ topic and try to post pictures that include an aspect of it. For example, during the holidays I posted a lot of pictures that include a Christmas tree or had the same coloring as a tree.

    -Kim πŸ™‚

  • Brittany Daoud

    The constant through most of your different styles looks like white, so I would try to have white be your theme and then throw in pops of pinks, golds, browns, and blues (because those are what you also talked about using in your feeds), but keep white as the main portion of your photo/feed. πŸ™‚ I feel you though, IG aesthetic is SO hard. You also want to be sure you edit all your photos in relatively the same way (for me, I use the same VSCO filter for every photo, but sometimes I will use a level 5 sometimes a level 10, just depends on the photo. I will also take away a certain color if it doesn’t jive with my theme πŸ™‚

  • I try to post in threes. So each line are of similar colours/images that way my feed looks cohesive even when I’m sharing lots of different things. Also if I want to share something but it doesn’t fit in with my current row of 3 I post it to instagram stories instead! hope that helps!

  • I haven’t embraced instagram for my business as much as I should. But I’m with you on the aesthetic thing. Mine is kind of all over the place and I haven’t come up with a solution.

  • It’s so cool seeing how your feed has changed! I could never commit to a single colour/filter scheme, but I used to post in rows of threes. I’ve recently started posting whatever I want, but I’m not seeing as much growth :/

  • Hannah Palamara

    Try choosing a color you want to appear in every post! I use white but it could be anything. Then even if the pictures aren’t fully “on theme” they are still all tied together

  • G&D Blog

    I so love instagram. I used to use one filter before which was Nashville, in 50% filter of it, and of course, its border framer. then after that, i stopped and just use the normal photo itself.

    • Is that better for you?

      • G&D Blog

        So far yeah. It did look neat.