I wish I could say that I come up with blog post ideas easily, but alas I don’t. Back in high school, my journalism teachertaught me that when I was running low on inspiration for page layouts to look at magazines- I still do that for blog post ideas plus a few more places.

The 7 places to find inspiration


Note: these sources of inspiration are not there for you to copy from!

1. Pinterest
It’s also my biggest referrer (?). Scrolling through your homefeed is great, but for even more inspiration try searching a keyword or clicking one of their links in their categories tab.

2. Facebook/Twitter
I combined these two because I don’t really get anything from them though it’s still beneficial to go through my feeds!

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3. Instagram
Okay, seriously my go to for rainy day posts (posts that aren’t specific on dates so I can publish them whenever). No it doesn’t provide articles to read, but get your creative juices flowing and let the visual content inspire you!

4. Personal experience
Not what happened verbatim with real names, dates, addresses and social security numbers, but if you went though something beneficial, talk about it!

5. Sites like E News, Popsugar or Buzzfeed
Since I call myself a lifestyle blogger, the above sites usually have a gold mine of fun topics and ideas that I can draw from. Not a lifestyle blogger? Popsugar and Buzzfeed have different categories to choose from.

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6. Talk to people!
Ask your friends and family about what they like to read. Talk about some ideas that you have-more ideas may stem from that.

Books. magazines, other posts, articles etc. Get some inspiration from them.

Some other things to keep in mind:
Know your audience (more on this later)
Keep a list of blog post ideas (like in the blogging binder I wrote about)
Create great graphics that will entice your reader

Where do you find inspiration for blog posts?

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  • Sara Holt

    Pinterest and Instagram are my go-to’s for inspiration!

  • I love to search instagram and find some style inspo, thanks for other tips xoxo


    • Instagram has the best style inspo!

  • Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to get inspo, and I also love talking to my friends. People like them are really my target audience, so getting their feedback on my posts really helps me turn out the best content possible for my readers. Great post!
    – katrina // Yours Truly, Katrina

  • Jessie Mullins

    I get most of my blogging inspiration from my life, but for fiction writing inspiration, Pinterest is my favorite!

    • Hmm.. never saw it that way, interesting!

  • All my faves! Pinterest is the BEST for inspiration!

    Coming Up Roses

  • Meg

    Yes to Pinterest! I’ve saved and tried so many of the ideas I’ve found there. The trick is making sure I don’t spend all day pinning…which would be SO easy to do!

    • Lol- that’s always a huge downfall for me

  • Ashley Mason

    I always find inspiration through social media and magazines!

  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    Talking to people always helps me with inspiration and creativity!

  • Pinterest always helps inspire me! So many great ideas there.

  • mckenna bleu

    Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration!

  • Mary Duggan

    What would we do without Pinterest?! Love it, need it. A little too obsessed even haha.
    XO. / easilyinspired-blog.com

  • Anna Hubbard

    I get so much inspo from Pinterest!
    -Anna | http://www.fivefootandfabulous.com

  • When I find a product that I truly love or a situation which I think someone can relate to…that becomes my inspiration for posts. LOVE Pinterest….soooooo many ideas

    • I do that also, I always think “that would make a great blog post” haha

  • Love this! All of these are great mediums for inspiration!

  • Leah

    Pinned this one. I’m always looking for post ideas.

  • Great tips! I love going to Pinterest for inspiration!

  • Anne Markey

    I love getting inspiration from books I read and from my life.

    • I seriously need to get back into my books, school has wrecked that lol.

  • I definitely, absolutely need to read more. That is on my list for sure. :]

    // itsCarmen.com

  • Greta Hollar

    Pinterest is where I always get inspiration! I need to try these other places too!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • Rachel Ritlop

    Great tips Alix! I always enjoy talking to others for some inspo!

  • I love to find personal inspiration just through my own life experiences or through experiences from family/friends.
    Katie | Millennial on the Move

  • Katie Saada

    Great tips, and cute blog!

  • jen

    I like to go on walks, being outside always makes me feel more refreshed with clearer thoughts. If I’m inside, my go to is Pinterest!

  • Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

    Pinterest is the best for getting inspired! I could spend all day on there!

  • I think you can find inspiration absolutely anywhere but one of my favourite places is actually we heart it, that site is full of beautiful images.

    La Belle Sirene

    • They do! I need to search it more.