Lazy days are so rare and require some work… (really?!) I usually don’t plan lazy days down to the minute, but I do sort of outline it. Here are my tips.

10 tips for a lazy day

1. Don’t plan/schedule anything important to do that day
It goes without saying that a lazy day demands little no work- so don’t plan to get anything done!

You deserve a day off anyway

2. Do plan what you’re gonna wear
Comfy clothes are key! PJs, sweats, cozy socks, oversized sweatshirts and glasses for me (no sticking fingers in my eyes).

3. Gather your supplies
And by supplies I mean your favorite blanket, pillow, snacks, WINE, etc. Hot chocolate and other warm drinks are also good ideas.

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pug in a blanket having a lazy day

4. Don’t do your hair and NO MAKEUP
I’ve heard so many people that still do their hair and makeup for a lazy day. Umm… what?! Today calls for your comfiest clothes, messy hair and let your face go unpainted for a day.

5. Turn off all electronics
Avoid the temptation! Ignore it all

6. Do a face mask, or two
A face mask is bae at this time of year- the winter weather is not friendly to skin. You’re not going to do anything important, might as well cleanse your face.

7. Order takeout
I think pizza is the best delivery option for these days. Well it’s the only option around here. But in bigger cities there are a looooot of options.

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8. Take a hot bath

Bath bombs not required, but HIGHLY recommended

9. Do absolutely nothing
It’s called a lazy day for a reason. We used to have D.E.A.R. (Drop Everyhing And Read) days in elementary school. Sounds ideal to do that again.

10. Don’t feel guilty
Enjoy your time off! Catch up on some reading, sleep in/take naps! Don’t think about your responsibilities-think about how beneficial a lazy day can be



How do you do a lazy day? 


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  • Poonam Patel

    These are all great tips! I would def. order take out out and do a face mask!

  • Lazy days the best, and so necessary for our sanity! We are all so busy these days it is hard for us to truly unwind. Love all these ideas and look forward to having a lazy day of my own soon 🙂

    • I’d totally go insane without a day to reboot haha!

  • Mar

    Fridays are definitely my lazy days. I’m off, my husband is at work and my daughter is at daycare. It means I can lay around in my robe all day and get caught up on blog work! Happy Friday 🙂

  • Candy Kage

    I can handle doing all of these thing with no problem. Might not even feel guilty.

  • Miss ALK

    YES for lazy days!! They are so needed sometimes. Loving these tips and agree with them 🙂

    xoxo A

  • I have to say, I always do a face mask on a lazy day. Thanks for reading my mind! LOL! Great post!

    • I’m already planning on doing one tonight.

  • Anna Hubbard

    Yes to all of these! Everyone needs a good lazy day every once in awhile!
    -Anna |

  • Love it! Lazy days are my fave.

  • Lazy days are the best! I think I need to have one this weekend. Loved the bath bombs comment…so true!

    • Lol! I love dropping them in the water and watching them dissolve. 🙂

  • Michelle/

    What a cute post, I need a lazy day.

  • Anne Markey

    LOL I love it. I am sure that for some people, not doing make up and hair would be sooo hard. Not for me! I love lazy days.

    • I really don’t understand applying layers and layers of makeup for it just to be washed off later ha.

  • Lydia Graham

    Last time I had a lazy day was almost 18 months ago, I think I’m due one soon. I do hope the face mask is removed before the pizza arrives 🙂

    • You are sooo overdue! Lol that would be one fun experience though.

  • Neely

    Im so bad about having lazy days. I probably wont have one again for a while

    • Lol it’s sweeter when you know you deserve it.

  • Everybody needs to do this at least once a month! Great tips for getting it done! I wonder how many people do these days with full on electronics!?!

  • This is such a creative and fun post! I’ve been working around the clock, and goodness knows I could use a lazy day. Your post has actually inspired me to take the weekend off and do absolutely nothing!

  • This sounds like a perfect day <3
    I don't remember the last time I had a planned lazy day. Usually I aim to be productive and end up just useless instead, which isn't as good as having a planned lazy day with blankets, wine, and bath bombs (which I haven't used in soooooo long and definitely need to pick up tomorrow when I'm out and about)

    • Lol I always take an unplanned lazy day!

  • Leslie Soto

    Such great tips for a lazy day! I’m guilty of doing my hair and make up on lazy days but I always wear comfy sweats. Ha! I’m all about Netflix, take out and comfy blankets and sweats some days!

    • I’ve been watching Netflix and Amazon all day ahah.

  • This sounds like the perfect lazy day to me! I’m pretty busy for the next few weeks, but my next free weekend? I’m checking everything off your list!

  • HAHA gather your supplies!! hha!! love it! I am all about lazy days!!

    • Haha on lazy days moving is not wanted so I like everything at arms length.

  • Doing absolutely nothing is a MUST every now and then!

  • Reeni Geiser

    This is so needed! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!! I need to plan a day like this very soon 🙂

  • I don’t plan out my lazy day outfits but this was a cute post haha!

  • A face mask is one of my favorite lazy day activities. It doesn’t require me to put an effort and gives me a reason to lay down and relax for 15~ minutes!

    -Kim 🙂

  • YES YES YES! Lazy days always involve sweats, no makeup, messy buns, face masks, and too much Netflix!

  • Kimberly @ Berly’s Kitchen

    My husband is constantly trying to get me to do all of these! I can’t figure out how to make it happen. It sounds wonderful, and I really need to just do it. 🙂

    • I always take time for a lazy day once in a while.

  • I love this post! I feel like this was totally me today! Had pizza for dinner, curled up on the couch with my heated blanket and caught up on some TV shows. It was lovely!
    Katie | Millennial on the Move

  • Love your tips! I was really wanting a lazy day soon but with so much happening I don’t think I will be able to get a chance. Haha!

  • mckenna bleu

    Staying in and doing a facemask is the best!

  • Jessica Luxe

    A day without my phone is always surprisingly lovely

    Blog | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  • sofieyah l

    Love these tips actually though…. #dontfeelguilty #treatyourself

  • Marie Ernst

    Yes on all of these, and I love the DEAR one!

  • Great tips! I’ve been taking way too many lazy days recently though lol.

    Kayla |

    • Lol I know that feeling all too well.

  • Kristin Thompson

    These are all great tips! I love a good lazy day!

    The Blush Blonde

  • Lazy days are the best! I could use one right now!