I am NOT a morning person. Getting out of bed (especially when it’s cold) is a feat for me. Although, after I drag myself   out of bed, make/drink my coffee I feel like I can take on the world.

Let’s elaborate on that, here’s a recap of my perfect morning.

My perfect morning!

School Days

I usually get up at 7-7:30 (thanks body clock)

Say good morning to Oreo-probably the most important part of my day

I either start getting ready for school or plan to workout (I say plan because I haven’t worked out in FOR-EVER #oops)
My makeup routine is super simple- BB cream, eyeshadow and lip tint.

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My hair is a different story, I take showers at night so I usually do the bulk of the straightening after it dries. My mornings consist of removing any traces of bed head with my Jade Hair Straightening brush.

I also pick my outfit the night before because I tend to spend a while deciding what to wear…

Then it’s out the door for me!

I get to class-(which starts at 9:30, but I like to get there early to work on the computers they have there (I love my laptop, but they’re iMacs are STUNNING).

Class ends and we head home.

Lunch time! Then blog work/homework

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Regular Mornings

I still wake up around this time, but malinger in bed till I have to get up

I brush my teeth and wash my face, brush my hair/put it up then I make my way to the living room/kitchen where I cuddle with Oreo, and then make my coffee.

8:15 (okay, maybe 8:30…)
I usually take my coffee and sit in the dining room (outside if the weather is nice) and scroll through my phone-I check my email, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and of course go through my Instagram comment pods.

WERK. Blog work, homework, really just work on the computer while taking 10 minute breaks in between. I usually listen to music or podcasts while I work and drink water/snack on something.

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Time to take a break from staring at my computer screen. I would go outside, but the weather has been temperamental.

Lunch time! I usually take my time or have a working lunch if I’m strapped for time.

What’s your perfect morning like?



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Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

  • I would really like to be a morning person actually but i’m struggling to get out of a cycle of falling asleep at 2 am. I really love quiet and focused mornings when I can get work done while drinking coffee and having breakfast before going for a workout around 11 or 12.

  • Neely

    My perfect morning is basically copious amounts of coffee

  • Love this! My perfect morning is if I complete a lot of things my 10am. They goal requires me to wake up early, but it’s totally worth it!

    Candice Nikeia

    • Waking up early is such a struggle, but so worth it!

  • Haha you are so lucky! I haven’t gotten up past 5am in YEARS. I’d love to sleep in til 7 one day lol!

  • sofieyah l

    Wow… you wake up at 7.30am naturally?? xD I wake up at 9am naturally hahah I really need my sleep.. xD


    • Haha and I usually fall asleep around 1:30…

  • I need to try that straightener brush! Also, just wait till you have kids who wake you up at 5:30 every morning! haha

    • Lol my friend grew up with 4 brothers and sisters and they always slept in.

  • Elly Leavitt

    I wake up super early naturally too it’s the weirdest thing! especially since I am definitely not a morning person haha. loved this post x

    • I’m not either! I still woke up early today, but stayed in bed for hours haha.

  • Sarah Jean

    My perfect morning is to get up at 7, do my devotions, check my email, make breakfast, and start in on blogging. I have a 9-5 job though so unfortunately this only happens on weekends 🙂

  • Nadia

    I am not a morning person but I love my mornings (once I am awake lol) 🙂
    Oreo…. yes yes yes! Love how you have your screen breaks. So important, lovely!
    My mornings are so busy but I also always try to get as much done as possible <3
    xox Nadia

  • Ophelia Keith

    I love my mornings too, although they can hectic. I live for the first cup of coffee. Great blog!

  • Jessica Luxe

    You’re more of a morning person than I am, I wish my body woke me up at 7am


    • Lol I may naturally wake up at 7, but I don’t fully function till about 10.

  • Sheryl See

    I definitely wake up early naturally too ~7:30 to 8am. 🙂 Usually end up spending 15 minutes on social media before I get out of bed, have breakfast, wash up and get ready for school. Lovely blog by the way! 🙂

    • I do that when I don’t have school haha.

  • So awesome! I’m not a morning person, but I’m trying to be. I get up, pray, feed my cat, make coffee, and get to blog work!

  • I would LOVE to wake up at 7! I’m always up at 6 and at work by 7. I love mornings though because I love watching the sun rise!

    • Nothing beats a good sunrise. 🙂

  • Taylor Mobley

    My perfect morning invloves staying in bed and snuggling with my dog all day… LOL. You are totally a morning person!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Sounds like a pretty good morning routine. Mine aren’t all that normal or regular except for the days that I work. On those days, I get up at 5.45 as I work at 7.30.


  • Lol i am so not a morning person either haha — I don’t even get up until 8:30 somtimes haha and rarely get out of bed before 10

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    • Lol! I wish I could do that every day.

  • I’m not a big morning person! Coffee before anything

  • Coffee before talkie! That’s for sure! http://www.heartofchic.com

    • Haha trueee- the only thing I can handle before coffee is my dog.

  • I have a morning a lot like your regular mornings, but I add in making breakfast for my little man. Which only usually takes a few minutes because I pre-make a lot of meals for him.

    • Planning everything to do in the morning is a life saver!

  • Greta Hollar

    My perfect morning includes coffee, puppy snuggles, sleeping in and a barre class if I’m lucky! I’m usually scrambling around like a hot mess.

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • I love to snuggle with my dog in the morning! On weekends my husband and I make a big breakfast (either on Saturday or Sunday – not both days) and then we relax and do things around the house. It’s pretty low key.
    Katie | Millennial on the Move

  • Marie Ernst

    I love that you have an actual schedule for your morning! Mine kind of go with what I have to do but I never have anything planned like you!

    • Haha it’s more of an outline than a schedule!

  • that is awesome I love that you have a schedule that so good!!!

  • I have the same struggle with getting out of bed. Once I’m out, I’m wide awake and ready to take on the day. I’d love to get conditioned to wake up between 5:30 and 5:45 so I can get my workout in and relax (read through social media, sip my coffee, eat breakfast) a bit before starting work at 7:30.

    • Ugh, glad to know that I’m not the only one!

  • Lauren Falardeau Pariseau

    My mornings usually start with a small human waking me up at an early hour, so unfortunately staying in bed in not an option. But after loads of coffee and breakfast we have some pretty rad dance parties in our pajamas!