OMG SOOOO TRUE!- me while reading Nice is just a Place in France.

It seriously said pretty much everything that I was thinking- well maybe not thinking, but what it says is the truth.

My review for 'Nice is just a place in France' by The Betches
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Recap and disclaimer: this is not a self help book. This book offers advice on your social life, image, college, career and love life. Again, it OFFERS advice, that doesn’t mean you should take it. Well take some pointers, but don’t rely on this book for how to live your life (you might get sued…).

‘Nice’ is offensive. And I mean offensive-but if you don’t take their comments to heart what they say is SO TRUE! Like my gosh your head will explode with all the truth bombs it delivers.

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This novel is about getting what you want-in short it’s about being a badass. It’s about being the girl that every guy wants and the woman every girl wants to be.

The book contains 7 chapters and like 10 sections within those chapters. Don’t worry, it’s not odiously long- it’s super entertaining with pull quotes, graphics, charts and images to help you along (kinda like a picture book for adults).

Their titles and subtitles will make you laugh and when you actually read that section you’ll laugh, snort and cry. Oh and their movie references will ensure you giggle.

My favorite chapter has to be the one about public image- yeah it’s not about the outside it’s all about inner beauty and your personality, but this chapter tells the truth: appearance matters.

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Although it’s not the only thing that matters. Of course one must always look good, and presentable, but having the right attitude is also important. Okay what they really say is to not appear dense, superficial, poor and fugly (their words not mine).

All in all, ‘Nice’ is about balance. Walking that fine line of being a superb!%$h and being nice.

Short review: F@%KING HILARIOUS. Oh and a must read.

Get 'Nice is just a place in France'
WARNING: contains bad language, talks about drugs and sex and (I promise I’m not psycho) find it hilarious

Have you read ‘Nice is just a place in France? What did you think of it?






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  • autum

    I’ve never heard of this book! But i’ve been on book buying spree so I will def have to pick this one up!!

    • The name caught my attention haha.

  • Kitchen Gone Rogue

    I’ve never heard of it – going to have to check it out. You can never laugh too much!

  • Miss ALK

    I haven’t read this but I have heard a lot about it!! Sounds like it was a very entertaining read!

    xoxo A

  • I have heard this book is hilarious and it sounds like you loved it! I have to add it to my reading list (:

    • Omg you’ll never stop laughing.

  • Sydney Power

    Oh I think I need to add this to my list I would just love this!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the book! I’m always looking for books that will make me laugh 🙂

    • This is for sure going to make you laugh.

  • I’ve heard about this book before but it sounds even funnier than I remember! I’ll have to add it to my read list!

  • Krista Aoki

    I love Betches, and this book has definitely been on my to-read list! Your review hypes me up on it, for sure! <3

    • Oh read it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  • Ash Neverson

    Haha when I first read the line, I thought you were talking about the actual Nice, France.
    I’d like to read this book, seems very interesting

    Ash |

    • That’s what caught my eye when I was browsing Amazon!

  • haha this book as been on my list for years. I need to hit the library and get it this weekend. I read betches daily and LOVE their voice

  • thesophiadiaries

    Ohhhh, cool review!! I definitely gotta check it out when i get back home <3

  • Such a cool review!!! I need to make some time for reading. Ive been so busy lately.

  • Anna Hubbard

    Honestly that book sounds like its right up my alley! I’ll have to check it out!

  • Macarena Ferreira

    I’ve heard such great things about it! deff going to make it my summer read.

  • This sounds like a great and entertaining read! I need to check it out!

  • Sounds like such a great book! I need to read it ASAP!

  • Amy

    May need to check this book out, sounds so good!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink


    Adding to my summer read list !