When I was on break-I had a lot to do, a lot planned and feel like I got very little done. Even though it didn’t go as I planned (does it ever?) I think I got some blogging stuff done. Here’s what I did.

Some tips and tricks to do on a blogging break

I caught my breath

For the longest time everything was swirling and zooming by. Deadlines were met by the skin of my teeth and the months were ZOOMING by.  I took this time and really focused on me- Reading came back into focus (reviews to come), went outside and drank my tea/coffee in the morning and slept in (kinda).

I did some blog work

There has been something that has been on my blogging to-do list for months now and I finally did it! *insert dance party here*. It didn’t take long and it wasn’t even hard, but I kept procrastinating and putting it at the bottom of my to-do list. I also wrote some drafts, made some graphics and kinda came up with some content (writers block, EFF YOU).

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P.S. I also caught up with some of my favorite bloggers (Carly from The College Prepster, anyone?).

I planned

It should’ve said ‘I scheduled”, but I didn’t get that far. Google Cal is seriously me best friend (sharing a calendar with a group=GENIUS). Now it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m so type A and having a plan (even though it almost NEVER goes that way) makes me feel better. So I don’t have any physical proof of what I accomplished, but I promise it’s good.

I did nothing

Ugh…I got sick, again. So for like a week all I did was guzzle honey & ginger tea, eat cough drops, go through like a gazillion tissues and eat soup. Oh, I cleaned up my DVR and started a new series on Netflix- that’s a win for me. And the whole family was sick (even our dog was on medicine) so we had a pretty lazy week in all.

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I started writing (and reading!) again

Most of my author/social media bios say I’m a writer, well I’m also sad to say that I just wasn’t feeling motivated enough to write. Call it an EXTREME case of writer’s block. Thanks to Google Docs, I was able to write from my phone- sometimes I really don’t want to get on the computer. Tell me, what do you think of a summer writing challenge?

I think I’ve written enough about my reading plans, but here’s my summer ’17 reading list anyway.


What do you do on a blogging break?


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  • Bobbi

    Good ideas! It’s hard to step away and take a break but you can become overwhelmed and burned out if you don’t. I try and step back and just find inspiration whether going for a walk or looking a magazines just finding a way to step back from blogging.

    • Yeah the first few days were hard, but after that it was a breeze!

  • Lacey Anne Douthat

    Breaks are totally necessary! Every now and then you just have to unplug! I always recommend having a lot of content scheduled so your blog is going, but you can step back and breathe for a bit!

  • Good for you! When I take blogging breaks, I totally unplug from my blog. The most I get into blogging is maybe an idea that pops into my head and I jot it down. I need to breath!

    • Exactly! Take a breather every once in a while.

  • Alix, you reminded me of all of the things I’m procrastinating on. It is so hard to just put your head down and actually dedicate time to things that are little, but make a huge difference on your blog. Blogging breaks, a time to pause, are all needed!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

    • Omg I was procrastinating so many little things that they were starting to add up and create a huge mess haha.

  • I try to completely unplug from my blog on my breaks. My blog isn’t monetized and it’s just a creative project, so it’s important for me to remember that from time to time.


    • That’s why I started also! You have to remember that to keep going sometimes.

  • Whenever I take a blogging break I use that time to refresh and reflect. When you don’t have blog obligations it’s easier to refocus on what made you want to blog in the first place and reignite your passion for it.
    I’m glad you got a break in for yourself (though I’m sorry you got sick again during this time)!

    • Omg that was THE worst sick time ever! And we were all sick so all we did was laze around and blow our nose haha.

  • Miss ALK

    Sounds like it was a break well used! I don’t take blogging breaks too often but this is great inspo for what to do during one!

    xoxo A

  • I need to take some time to plan, what a good idea for a break!

  • Sounds like a good break! I haven’t taken a blogging break in a long time, but I think it would be great to gain some inspiration!

    Carrie | http://carrieeliseandkho.com/

    • Ohh it was so necessary for me lol.

  • Sounds like time well spent! I think less people should be afraid of a blogging break

    • Gah yes! It’s seriously one of the best things I did.

  • It’s good to take time off! I love how you got things done, yay can’t wait to see it!

    Corsica Nambiar | kissesfromcarolina.com

  • This sounds like a great idea- between working full-time and blogging, it can be a challenge to get posts up. I would love to take a break and hold off on posts for a week or two so I can FINALLY migrate my blog over to a self hosted wordpress. That’s my big goal for the summer. Glad you were able to get things done!

  • Bridget Roddy

    Love this, I feel like taking breaks makes you a better writer. Also round of applause for getting that to-do list done (whoot whoot!)

  • Taking a blogging break is always a good thing! You got a lot accomplished! Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Oh we’re all feeling tons better, thanks!

  • Lol I’m a horrible blogger! I take breaks all of the time. There’s something about breaks that helps me blog better and I do absolutely nothing on them (except brainstorm post ideas on my Notes app).

    • I seriously have like 203948 unnamed notes in my Notes app haha.

  • I’m proud of you for recognizing that you needed a break and actually taking one! I’ve only ever taken one extended break in over four years of blogging and I desperately needed it. I was making silly mistakes and I really needed to step back and catch my breath. I definitely took a few weeks to relax and work on a long to-do list of blog things that I had been putting off. I came back totally refreshed and it was so worth it. Welcome back! I’m looking forward to your book reviews!

    Nicole | GenTwenty

    • Yes! Taking a break is soooo beneficial and needed!

  • Elly Leavitt

    I accidentally took like a three week “break” because of a new job and tbh it was great. taking time off is so important!

    • Haha sometimes accidental moments are the best.

  • I actually took a break a while back to work on my real estate course and, like you, I didn’t feel like I accomplished very much by the end of the week. But taking a break was so nice!

  • thesophiadiaries

    These are all great tips! I prefer to do nothing hahah on a blogging break I stop reading blogs, stop going on social media, and just do an all out cleanse. I find that when I’ve had some time apart I cam become more perspective on my current situation! And then the inspo comes rolling back in <3


  • Victoria

    Taking a break is so nice sometimes. I recently did it when we were out of the country and it helped me return with some much creativity and passion to get back to it again.

    • Omg that’s a perfect break haha.

  • Adriana

    Love this! Such great tips and honestly we all need a break at some point! It’s so important to take a breather before you burn out. That’s no fun! Great post!

  • Sometimes blogging breaks are absolutely necessary, and as bloggers, I think we shouldn’t have to apologize for it. It’s nice to step back and let your brain be used in different ways for just a little bit. I’m glad you had a productive and relaxing blog break (minus the sickness. Boo. I hope you’re feeling better now though!).

  • Blogging breaks are so important! You can get into the rush and not realize it! Glad you got to relax a bit!