To workout or not workout-that is the question. Okay I may have paraphrased that quote just a tad…. Well unless you’re a superhuman that has a super toned body, rock hard abs and never get fat working out is a must.

A roundup of my workout favorites

Yes, I think working out is a necessary evil, but no I do not hate it. In fact, these are my workout favorites.

Favorite exercises

    1. Scissor kicks 15 kicks x 3 times
    2. Downward Dog abs 10/leg x 3 times
    3. Superman 15 x 3 (not a super fave, but totally necessary)
    4. Reverse crunches 10 x 3
    5. Russian twists 15 x 3
    6. Downward dog stretch (hold for 1 min)
    7. Bridge (hold for 1 min)
    8. Plank (hold for 1 min)
    9. Butterfly stretch (3x for 1 min)
    10. Plank into swan stretch
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If I’m not too tired I do these again. I usually work out for a hour or more. Then I just run/walk on the treadmill/outside.

Favorite gear

workout faves
    1. A cute workout shirt- like this one. A cute outfit=me wanting to workout.
    2. Fitbit Flex 2– I just upgraded my old Fitbit for this one. SO EXCITED!
    3. Nike shoes– I know there are a bajillion other brands, but Nike is my favorite
    4. S’well- I have this one, but this one is just so freakin’ adorable!
    5. Bluetooth headphones– I find it super frustrating when I’m exercising and my headphones keep falling out 🙁
    6. Yoga mat- this one speaks the truth
    7. These socks– I don’t know what they’re called I call them the socks that hug my feet
    8. Hair accessories– my hair is layered and SUPER thick so good hair accessories are a must
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Favorite drink

Strawberry, lime, cucumber and mint water

Image via Pinterest. Click to view the recipe!

favorite snacks

Veggie sticks and hummus
Trail mix
Veggie chips

Favorite music

Anything that gets me moving! But here’s a sample: 


What are your workout favorites?


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Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

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