My last post about hashtags did rather well so I decided to post a hashtag guide, some Instagram hacks and a GIANT freebie! Instagram tips, tricks and a GIANT 200+ hashtag guide!

More hashtags? Okay!


This kinda inspired #thehappygrams! This one is created by the @happyhunters.


Talk about pretty! I enjoy scrolling through this hashtag to get inspiration.


I LOVE this one! I use it for #selfies mainly. It’s by the @everygirl_

Here are some hacks:

1. Hashtag shortcut-create a keyboard shortcut for all your hashtags-Seriously it saves a lot of time and you don’t have to go back and forth between your notes.

2. Unsend photos- did you send something wrong? Simply press on the image till an “unsend” option appears. No sweat.

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3. Connect your Instagram to your Pinterest for more engagement- ok, so I just did this one (thank you so I haven’t seen a huge spike in engagement, but I have seen a bump!

And some tips:

If you’re part of some pods TURN ON YOUR NOTIFICATIONS! I’m sorry if you hate notifications or whatever, but when someone asks for people that are active to join their pod- be active. It’s so rude to join then just drop off the face of the earth.

Add linktree to your bio. I know a lot of you already know this, but linktree is a service that lets you add multiple links to your Insta bio!

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Find your optimal engagement time with either UNUM or Instagram analytics! UNUM is an app that allows you to plan your feed several posts in advance (download it!).

  • With UNUM- at the bottom of your main page there should be a chart icon- click on that and scroll down till you see the ‘best times’ header. It will show you some days with the best time to post, but if you click on it it will show you the best times to post for the whole week.
  • With IG analytics- on your profile page find the icon that looks like a bar chart and tap on it. Scroll down to the ‘followers’ heading- those are the times your followers are scrolling through their IG feed (that analytics icon has tons of information like engagement, reach and more-go through it when you have some free time).
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Now it’s time for the FREEBIE! It’s a .pdf of every hashtag that I could think of/find sorted into categories and are good for copy + paste (think of the first hack I suggested). Get it by clicking the photo below. 

Well, it’s in the resource library.

Get your copy of the ultimate hashtag guide now!

 photo APSL_sig_zpsn5rl7d1e.png

Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

  • Rachel Ritlop

    I love these tips! All super helpful when using Instagram!

  • Alix, this is super helpful! Thank you for putting the time in getting all of this info together.

    Much love,
    Ashley |


    Thanks for sharing! Going to connect my IG and Pinterest now.

    • Omg when I wrote this my engagement with IG and Pin was low, now it’s rising!

  • thesophiadiaries


  • This is a great idea! I always used to feel clueless when it comes to hashtags and then I found the app called focal mark and it really helps to generate popular hashtags for your posts.

  • Alexandra Blackmon

    This was so helpful as a new blogger trying to build on social media- thank you!

  • Victoria

    This is so great! Hashtags have totally helped me step up my instagram game and meet some really great friends.

  • Neely

    This is so helpful for everyone

  • This is excellent, hashtags really helped me reach 21k followers on IG but I’ve given myself permission to break up with it. It’s fun for connecting and talking to people but it’s not driving traffic to my blog. It’s so freeing and I can connect more via blog comments now 🙂

    • I figured the same thing. I promote some posts via IG, but not all of them.

  • Mandy Baker

    I loved this read! I am always looking for new tips and tricks for Instagram. I look forward to trying UNUM!

  • What a great freebie to offer! I need to try some of these hashtags. I love the one you created as well!

  • Thanks for the hashtag guide! These are some great tips!

  • Great freebie hashtag guide! I always struggle to find enough to fill all 30 allotted slots. It’s great that you included hashtags for a variety of themes/topics. Thanks so much 🙂
    erin |

  • Anna Hubbard

    Ahhh this looks so helpful! I’ll have to read them!

  • Janel Berchielli

    I have a list of hashtags that that I use often, but one tip someone shared is don’t use the same ones every photo. It has worked for me and I’m often in the top 9 box for most of my hashtags several days a week.

    • Yeah- I change them up maybe once a month?

  • Love this! I love using a keyboard shortcut for my hashtags. I’ve been trying to change them up more recently because my engagement has not been so hot lately.

    • Ugh engagement is down for everyone-IG needs to change the algorithm already!

  • This pdf is so helpful- thank you for taking the time to put this guide together!

  • I love UNUM! It’s helped me curate my feed so much better. Thanks for sharing your hashtag list!

  • Great tips! Downloading UNUM right away!

    xx, Melissa

  • Great tips! I use notes on my phone to keep the tags all in order and to easily copy and paste.

  • Miss ALK

    I looovvve UNUM and these hashtags!

    xoxo A

  • Grandi | My Aggrandized Life

    These are great tips! I never thought about the shortcuts on the keyboard for hashtags – great time saver!

  • I keep a list of hashtags on my phone and copy and paste them instead of typing them all out every time!

  • this is so helpful. the hashtag shortcut?! what. life changing. instagram engagement has been hurting everyone, i feel, so this is extremely helpful!

    • That’s what I thought when someone taught me it haha.

  • This is such a great resource! Thank you for taking the time to compile this hashtag list.

    erika ||

  • Kaitlynn Charalambopoulos

    I had no idea that you could connect instagram with pinterest. I have to look into that! Great tips…I feel like I’m not utilizing Instagram to its fullest potential

    • I got an email about it! I had no idea also.

  • Brittany Daoud

    Oh these are great hashtag ideas! Can’t wait to start using them and see how they work for me! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nicole Parise

    I am always looking for new hashtags! And instagram is the only thing I leave my notifications on for anymore 😛

    xx nicole

    • Haha good for you! I know a lot of people who NEVER check their DMs.

  • Ash Neverson

    You’re amazing for this post! I agree about the pods thing. I try to stay as active as possible and I love when people do too! Would love that freebie!

    • The whole point is engagement! It only makes sense to stay active for everyone.

  • Sydney Power

    These are awesome tips!! I always hate when people aren’t active in pods!!

    • Oh gosh me too, I’ve noticed a lot of people just dropping out lately.

  • I needed this! I’m the worst at knowing what to hashtag! I’ll be Pinning this for sure! xoRach |

  • Caption Da Fashion

    Alix, thank you SO MUCH for this info! I already have an account with “ifttt”. I linked the Instagram to my Pinterest for future posts. Definitely going to use the hashtags. Thank you! 😀