At the beginning of the year I post my goals, mantra and playlist. Okay I posted only a fraction of what I wanted to achieve- here are my goals revisited.

How are your 2017 goals coming along? I revisited mine today!

July just finished (umm… WHAT?!) so half the year is gone (SERIOUSLY WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?!?!) and it’s time to take a good hard look at my goals, recap them and scratch off the ones I’ve done.

Is there anything more satisfying than achieving goals and scratching them off your to-do list?

Answer: Nope.

To recap my goals check out this post.

  • Grow any or all social media channels to at least 1,000 followers (especially Instagram)
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Pinterest: ✅
Instagram: ✅
Twitter: I’m growing and now I’m over halfway there! Help me out.
Facebook: Not exactly halfway there yet, but a big increase! Help me out again.

  • Absolutely slay my studies

Well the school year hasn’t officially started so there isn’t a lot to report on this front. The past year ended on a good note tho! Stay tuned for my inspiring desk space post.

  • Read at least 20 books

I’m slowly, but surely working my way toward my goal! Here’s my progress so far: 

I totally thought I’ve read more, but I guess not. Follow me on Goodreads! I try to update regularly (remind me if I don’t haha).

  • Sharpen my writing and photography skills
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This goal will always be a work in progress, but I did get “your photos are looking better and better” -best compliment ever!

  • Work with more brands

Another goal that will always be a work in progress, but I am ‘getting it’ I have some other exciting projects in the works, but check out these posts!

Rainy day cheer up with Happiness Boutique
Sharing memories with Share Your Photos app

have you revisited your goals? How are they coming along?

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