It’s no secret that the world is moving on from hand written letters and snail mail. Email is king. And although it is quicker and somewhat less formal there are still rules to follow. Follow these email etiquette rules if you want to appear professional


Please don’t be that person who TaLkS LikE tHiS, uses slang like ‘yolo’ (unless the situation calls for it) or communicates in text speak. The receiver of you message will only think ‘no way is this person serious’ or in the example my professor gave, they will ignore the whole request.

GSP-grammar, spelling, punctuation

SERIOUSLY. IT’S NOT THAT HARD! Is it a personal preference? Probably. Will it help you in the future? YES. Typos and word correction is acceptable, but repeated offenses? NOT COOL. It’s also unprofessional if you say ‘I think yours site and my is a great fit’. Just no. Another thing the receivers will probably think: ‘I am silently correcting your grammar.’

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Personalize it!

If you’ve ever received a impersonal email, I think you understand. Now writing ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘To whom it may concern’ might be able to slip under the radar, but research who you’re sending it to and address it to them. And please please SPELL THEIR NAME RIGHT! As someone who repeatedly reads ‘Dear Alex’ I can say that we’re not used to constant misnomers.

Create a clear subject

The subject is the first thing we (the recipient) sees so make it a clear one. If you’re asking about something put ‘asking about _______’ in the subject line. That way the recipient knows what you’re gonna say in your email.

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Re-read/edit if necessary

Sending a quality email is a lot more work than it seems. Ensuring it makes sense, checking for GSP errors, even checking and rechecking again who you’re sending it to is necessary.

End it correctly

Don’t leave the recipient hangin’! End your email with at least ‘sincerely’., but sometimes even that is too formal. At least write your name as a closing.  Bonus points if you have an email signature.

What email etiquette do you follow?

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  • Brown Sugar

    This is a great article! It is always awesome to be reminded on proper etiquette for emails. Pinned!

  • Email etiquette is so important! It drives me nuts when people don’t have proper capitalization, grammar, etc. It doesn’t look professional!

    • Omg I know! Like did you put any time into this email?

  • Adriana

    The Friends GIF – I laugh so hard every time I see it LOL! These are great tips – it’s so important to be professional!

    • I always think of that when I write you’re/your!

  • mckenna bleu

    Love this post! Soooo true! Have a great weekend!

  • Nicole DaRosa

    I am CRAZY about re-reading everything I write over and over! haha but adding an email signature is definitely on my to-do list. I love how professional it looks 🙂

    • I re-read everything too! I’m an editor at heart so it’s just like second nature to me now haha.

  • Might be harsh, but I instantly judge people who make repeated spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s not that hard, people!

    • I do too! I can let one mistake slide, but multiple is a different story haha.

  • I am the worst at coming up with a good subject line — it’s either too short or too long!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    • Lol good subject lines are hard to come by!

  • Aleah Gray

    This was a great post. I love how informative you was about how to conduct a proper email. I have came a long way when it comes to emails but I have gotten so much better. Spelling and grammar is everything when it comes to emails!

  • Bibi Camilo

    lol! such a great post.. I’ve totally used YOLO in my emails… but I def try to keep it professional, that’s super important!

    • Lol if it fits in the tone of your email, go for it!

  • Miss ALK

    Yeah I’m def not a fan of the Dear Madam emails- hahaha!! Great tips girly!!

    xoxo A

  • tour in style by rizelle

    such great tips !thanks for that! I live through emails

    • Emails are a way of life for me haha.

  • Julie Shenton Peters

    Oh my goodness – yes, Yes, and YES!!! You are spot on correct on every point. (Also, I love the Giphy!) Well said.

  • Email etiquette is SO important! I always have to re read my emails before I hit send- there’s always a mistake in there somewhere!

  • Great advice! I am a secret etiquette snob.


  • Cute & Classy

    The subject line is so important! It is the first thing they see and likely what will determine if they open the email at all.

  • Rachel Ritlop

    I couldn’t agree more! All of these points are so important when sending a professional email. Especially re-reading and checking for errors.

  • These are so important! I always triple check my emails before sending.

    • Lol that’s a good habit to form.

  • Dymond Moore

    I hate getting emails from brands who obviously didn’t research my blog at all.

  • Oh my god the number of times that my name has been spelled incorrectly in an email is OBSCENE! Even from people that know me and have met me before!!

    • Mine too! And it’s not even hard to spell!

    • I know! And it’s four letters, it’s not even that hard!

  • Email etiquette is so important! It’s my biggest pet peeve when emails have improper grammar, but even worse is when you spend time crafting an email to a professor and he/she replies with a simple “k”, ugh.

    • Luckily my professors don’t answer like that! I have gotten simple emails from other people though and it’s the worst.

  • Yaaas, girl!! Email etiquette is SO important! It’s AMAZING how many people don’t spell names right. It looks so unprofessional and all ya need to do is a little research!

  • Brynn Elson

    Great post! The importance of email etiquette is definitely underestimated in this day and age.
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award, which I had a lot of fun with! You can read my post about it right here:
    It would be awesome if you participated!

  • Greta Hollar

    Your gift from Friends is my favorite episode! It makes me so annoyed when I get an email and my name is spelled wrong. It never hurts to double check an email!

    Greta |

    • Haha I seriously think of it every time I write you’re/your!

  • Anna Hubbard

    These are all so important! I hate emails that aren’t personalized!

  • Ugh the subject line is the hardest part of sending an email for me! Email etiquette is SO important, though. When I get an email with zero personalization, misspellings, etc., it goes right into my trash bin.

  • Dia

    I think my biggest pet peeve is when someone emails me either wanting to do a guest post for my blog or wants me to review their product or app and I can tell it’s a super generic copy and pasted email. It’s like, dude don’t email me asking me to review your beef farm when my site is all about vegetarian lifestyle… that’s an extreme example but you get the idea. Enjoyed this post.

    • Lol, that’s totally what some brands send!

  • Sydney Power

    Email Etiquette is so important. I always double check my email before sending. Such a great tips.

  • I think I read/edit my e-mails about 5 times (and at least once out loud) before I send it. I do this because when I receive other peoples’ e-mail that have mistakes, it makes me CRINGE!!

  • If there’s something I’m obsessed with is with punctuation. It’s so indispensable for me to get the right idea.

    • Omg I know! Huge difference between ‘let’s eat, grandma’ and ‘let’s eat grandma’.

  • So many great tips! I’ve been doing so much emailing and have been trying different things with trial and error.