Disclaimer: I received these glasses from Phonetic Eyewear in exchange for an honest review.

I can deal with the countless hours spent in front of a computer screen. the multiple hours a day on my phone or tablet, even the cracks about being ‘a typical millennial’, but not with digital eye strain.

Are you always on computers or any digital devices? You may suffer from digital eye strain. Phonetic Eyewear can help! Enter the giveaway for a FREE pair!

‘Is that a real thing?’ – my mom when I told her about it. Digital eye strain is a real thing and it’s probably more serious than you think. In short, digital eyes train can cause headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain. Read more about it here.

Phonetic Eyewear specializes in computer eyewear. Their glasses filter out the blue light emitted by computer screens and are über stylish.

Raise your hand if you probably suffer from DES? (You can’t see it, but I’m raising both hands)

I have been blogging for more than two years and now I’m taking multiple classes that require considerable computer time so working with Phonetic Eyewear couldn’t be better.

The Shannon frames in tortoise shell are the ones that caught my eye (tortoise shell is so classic to me) and I LOVE them! They come in a soft neoprene case, a cleansing cloth and a write up of how to care for them and some useful facts.

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The first time I wore them, I did get a tiny headache, but the next day (and the second time I used them) I was totally fine.

After about a week of use I noticed that pretty much all the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome were gone.

I will say that even though we spend the whole time on the computer in my media design class, I don’t wear them. We spend the majority of the time on Photoshop/Illustrator working with colors and photos and these glasses give off the slightest yellow tinge so the colors don’t look right.

But in my other class, I take notes upon notes on my ipad so I wear them there. These are great for writing!

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Jacket | scalloped top (similar) | glasses (c/o) | necklace

As for the aesthetic qualities (come on that’s what you really want to know) I think they make me look chic and professional.  Someone in my class said that I looked like a sexy librarian… umm…thanks I guess?

The best part is that they’re reasonably priced! Phonetic Eyewear frames start at just $49.00 and the have a gazillion cute styles. But one of my readers can score a pair of their choice free! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow me on Instagram (@apintsizedlife)
  2. Follow @phoneticeyewear
  3. Like + comment on the photo below ‘I want a pair’

For extra entries tag a friend who needs a pair also!

This giveaway will last till Tuesday at 11:59 PM and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.

Hate to wait? (that’s totally me, but don’t tell anyone) use the code ‘SHARE10‘ at checkout to get 10% off your first order!

Do you suffer from digital eye strain? Phonetic Eyewear can help!

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  • I want a pair! (Love this, and as I’m on my computer for MANY hours a day I think it would be really great!)

    • Like and comment on my latest Instagram post and I’ll enter you into the giveaway!

  • Cosmic Scott
  • My glasses have that filter to block blue light as well. I love it!

  • Kristine Circenis

    I’ve heard great things about using these glasses. I’ve recently limited my computer screen time and have scheduled in computer breaks to give my eyes some rest.

    • I do that too! We all need breaks.

  • I’ve thought about trying these out, glad to hear they worked for you! Between staring at my computer at work all day and then being on my phone in the evenings, my eyes could definitely use a break.

    • Haha sounds like you definitely need a pair!

  • These are quite interesting — I’ve never heard of them. Definitely worth looking into though.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  • Interesting idea! I hadn’t thought about specific eyewear to counteract hours of staring at my computer screen. Have you tried any tools or apps to reduce screen glare? There are a bunch of them out there, but I like F.lux the most so far 🙂

    • I just heard about them! That’s so cool.

  • Francesca Gariano

    I’ve been highly considering getting a pair of glasses like this. Wish these were around when I was staring at a computer screen for seven hours during layout for the student newspaper!


  • I’m the worst about wearing my glasses but I definitely need to invest in a pair that blocks that terrible blue light from our devices!

    • Haha I’m blind as a bat without my regular glasses so I always wear them so I always wear these!

  • Benita

    Wow, this is the first I have heard about glasses for digital eye strain, I’m not on my computer all day but I think this is wonderful and I’m sure I need a pair right now.

  • Kate

    So cute! These frames are awesome. I’ve been looking for some fun nude ones!

  • Awesome! I def need these – I literally look at a computer for 9 hours straight!


  • I love how these look! It’s definitely important to take steps to protect your eyes when you’re in front of a computer for that long!

    • Yes! And they’re super stylish also. 🙂

  • STOP it! I need these asap!

    • You do! Go get some girl! (or enter my giveaway lol).

  • Why have I not hear of these until just now. My eyes are always feeling the strain. I am totally going to look for these.

  • Azanique

    I need to try these out! I feel like my eyes are constantly giving me issues after a long day of work and blogging

    -xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

    • Lol then these are perfect for you!

  • OK, well I obviously need these ASAP. This is like EXACTLY the thing I need hahaha

    Coming Up Roses

  • That’s neat! I had no idea something like this existed.

  • How cool!! I seriously didn’t know these were a thing!

  • These are perfect for every blogger! I love this pair!

  • Casey Cody Flournoy

    These are so cool! I think I need a pair!

  • Ash Neverson

    What a great post! I need this so much

  • Dia

    I have really been wanting to check these out. I hear they are great and know several bloggers who use them.