I’m Alix- a twenty something college student with a love for all things sparkly and probably living proof that coffee stunts your growth.

A heat stroke stole my ability to function independently. In short, I couldn’t walk, talk or even move. Even shorter: I’m in a wheelchair. But that was 6 years ago, and I’ve been (slowly, but surely) gaining back those basic functions. I can’t walk by myself, but that’s at the top of my to-do list.

I’ve gone through ups and downs and have FINALLY decided that all I can do is to keep moving forward.

Besides all that, I’m completely normal! I’m studying PR/Advertising, I love dogs, clothes, makeup, laughing, reading, designing, photography, nail polish, jewelry, colorful things, girly things and pretty things.

I’m also a perfectionist, millennial, type A, Filipino, Anglophile, self-proclaimed prep and a writer.

Why A Pint-Sized Life? Well I’m small (tiny is more like it) and I blog about well… life!

I’m also a contributor to Step Up magazine! Read my work here.

Interested in collaborating? Send me an email (alix@apintsizedlifeblog.com) with ‘collaboration request’ as the subject.