I hate being sick. I know everyone says that, but being sick actually gives me anxiety and thinking about all the work I’m going to have to makeup stresses me TF out.

Just last week, I had the flu (well, I think I still have some symptoms, but the worst is over…hopefully). And I did a couple of things to make being sick suck less.

7 ways to make a sick day suck less!

I’m sorry if you don’t like it- but ginger is a miracle worker. Seriously-google ‘does ginger help with…’ it helps almost everything (okay, not really, but it is good!) Drink ginger tea with honey for a sore throat, and add a bit to your chicken noodle soup for an extra kick.

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2. Sweat it out
Remember when I recommended tea? Well I drank it while hibernating under a blanket and ended up sweating my butt off. While I hate doing this I felt somewhat better after.

3. Stay away from work
Allow your body to rest! I remember my parents telling me that your body is a great self healer (ahem… doctor and nurse speaking from experience) and that overworking and doing everything can make you tired and break down your immune system.

4. Drink, drink, drink!
Preferably not alcohol or carbonated beverages. Water is always the safest bet.

5. Take hot baths/showers
The steam from the shower really cleared up my sinuses and I just felt better overall.

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6. Use a humidifier/vapor rub
I didn’t really use these this time around, but in the past they were my go-tos. A humidifier really helps with the dry air here and while vapor rub smells gross, it usually clears up my congested chest- plus I always sing ‘soft kitty‘ when I apply it.

7. Cough drops
I can seriously eat Ricola cough drops like candy. This past week, I had a pack of LemonMint cough drops by my side constantly. Talk about soothing.

What do you do to make a sick day suck less?

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