If January flew by, then I blinked and February was gone! Here’s my February mixings- a cheesy joke, my latest obsession and of course my playlist.

February mixings: a joke, my latest obsession and my monthly playlist

What do you get from a pampered cow?











Spoiled Milk!

Hope that made you at giggle. On to MLO-


Remember when I wrote that every girl should have something from Tiffany’s? Well yes, treating yo self to something from Tiffany’s is a must, but getting a surprise in a little blue box is fan-freakin-tastic.

So around two days before Valentine’s Day, mom saw a necklace she absolutely fell in love with. Editing out all the irrelevant details, she asked me if I could order it for her- just before completing the order mom said “which one did you pick?”

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Essentially, the gift wasn’t a super secret surprise, but I was able to choose what I wanted- a little heart necklace that says ‘return to Tiffany’s’ (Plus it was on sale and guaranteed to arrive on V-Day. SCORE).

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And now my monthly playlist:

Here are the jams I’m loving this month

I usually only share 10 songs, but the last two were just too good not to share.

Hope you had a fabulous February and let’s have a memorable March!

What are your February mixings for this month?

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