Lazy days are so rare and require some work… (really?!) I usually don’t plan lazy days down to the minute, but I do sort of outline it. Here are my tips.

10 tips for a lazy day

1. Don’t plan/schedule anything important to do that day
It goes without saying that a lazy day demands little no work- so don’t plan to get anything done!

You deserve a day off anyway

2. Do plan what you’re gonna wear
Comfy clothes are key! PJs, sweats, cozy socks, oversized sweatshirts and glasses for me (no sticking fingers in my eyes).

3. Gather your supplies
And by supplies I mean your favorite blanket, pillow, snacks, WINE, etc. Hot chocolate and other warm drinks are also good ideas.

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pug in a blanket having a lazy day

4. Don’t do your hair and NO MAKEUP
I’ve heard so many people that still do their hair and makeup for a lazy day. Umm… what?! Today calls for your comfiest clothes, messy hair and let your face go unpainted for a day.

5. Turn off all electronics
Avoid the temptation! Ignore it all

6. Do a face mask, or two
A face mask is bae at this time of year- the winter weather is not friendly to skin. You’re not going to do anything important, might as well cleanse your face.

7. Order takeout
I think pizza is the best delivery option for these days. Well it’s the only option around here. But in bigger cities there are a looooot of options.

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8. Take a hot bath

Bath bombs not required, but HIGHLY recommended

9. Do absolutely nothing
It’s called a lazy day for a reason. We used to have D.E.A.R. (Drop Everyhing And Read) days in elementary school. Sounds ideal to do that again.

10. Don’t feel guilty
Enjoy your time off! Catch up on some reading, sleep in/take naps! Don’t think about your responsibilities-think about how beneficial a lazy day can be



How do you do a lazy day? 


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