Pinterest graphics. They’re super important to have and have gotten me A LOT of traffic. I don’t have the time or money to take Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth course, but I want to and have seen it recommended everywhere.

Nevertheless, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my Pinterest graphics so I thought I’d put together a little how to for you guys!

How I make Pinterest graphics Pinterest graphic

I use Canva so this tutorial will be using Canva features and terms (I find it’s easier than Photoshop…)

Firstly, I choose the Pinterest Graphic icon and it pulls up a blank document.

Then I choose the photo I want to use in the graphic and I resize it to fit the document.

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Then I go to elements and add one I like (don’t change this factor up too much- remember consistency is key!)

The element is placed with my brand colors in mind- but select it and then make it whatever color you want
~*Optional!*~ I like to configure the transparency so that it slightly shows the picture underneath.

Now I add the title of my post (go to text and choose the fonts you want to use)

I use Canva for business so the three fonts I use all the time are saved for easy access
After some adjusting, (font size, placement etc.) I’m ready to move on

Now I add my watermark (I’ve shown how to do it two ways)

I already have one made and it’s a .png file- transparent background so I just place it at the bottom of my graphic

But you can also choose the font you want and type out your website name if that’s easier for you
Et Voila! You’re done! I change the graphic name and download it.

Be sure to name it something you can remember! I cannot tell you how many times I forgot to do this and then lost it to the infinite number of files I have

Canva tells you what kind of file it should be saved as, but .jpeg and .png files are the best
So there you have it! Pretty easy, huh? Honestly making graphics is one of my favorite parts of blogging.

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Some things to keep in mind:

  • Vertical images work best for Pinterest graphics (I’ve used some horizontal ones only to end up cropping the image significantly)
  • Try to pick an image that fits in with your brand/is relevant to the topic of your post
  • When picking fonts, stick with two and most three
  • Make sure it’s easy to read!
  • Try not to commit any layout sins 

I can’t think of any other tips, but I know you guys have a bunch! Share them below! I can also make my Pinterest graphic template public if that’s helpful, let me know!

Do you have any questions about this Pinterest graphics tutorial? Get in touch! email me:

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  • Reese

    I’m addicted to PicMonkey and Canva. They have truly made my blog life so much easier. Especially when it comes to making graphics for my blog. Love your graphic, btw!

  • Wow I love this article. Thank you so much. I use canva as well. I definitely need to touch up my skills… thanks so much

    • Lol that’s what I love about it- so easy to learn!

  • I have been using only Picmonkey. I don’t have much experience with canva, is there anything that makes Canva a better choice than Picmonkey?

    • It’s a personal thing! I like it because it has more elements for graphics and guides that help you align things.

  • Sirri McNeil

    I’m definitely going to try your way!

  • i use canva, too, but i often find myself falling back to and InkScape

    • I haven’t even heard of those two haha

  • Clarice Mendez

    I’ve been wondering how to make Pinterest graphics. This post was very helpful. Thank you Alix!

  • Clarice Mendez

    I’ve been wondering how to make Pinterest graphics. This post was very helpful and I think it’ll really with my blog. Thank you Alix!

  • I love Canva! It’s my favorite tool for creating graphics for sure.

  • Jessica Luxe

    This was so helpful, I might give it a try!

    Blog | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  • Yes! I love Canva. I use it for EVERYTHING

  • Lauren Stockton

    I’ve never heard of Canva but Im going to check it out now! I’ve been using an app on my phone but I’ve been wanting to switch to editing on my computer! This is a great option. Thanks!

    • Canva for desktops is sooo much better than the Canva app.

  • Tiffani at Breton Bay

    Thank you for this information…I am definitely going to check out Canva. I haven’t used it before and sounds like I need to start ASAP. Great post!!


  • Nicole DaRosa

    Thanks for sharing this! I just started taking Pinterest graphics seriously and I have seen such a big difference in my engagement 🙂

  • Adriana

    You’re awesome at these! I love that all of your graphics match – they’re so branded and pretty too!

  • Ashley Zeal

    Canva is THE best!!!

  • Canva is my JAM! I’m on it every single day!

    Coming Up Roses

  • Abby

    I need to give Canva a try for my Pinterest graphics. I currently use PicMonkey because I’m familiar with it, but I know the automation of Canva would be convenient. Thanks for the tutorial!

    • PicMonkey is good too, I just am more familiar with Canva!

  • I’ve heard good things about Canva for Business but I have photoshop templates.

    • I wish photoshop and my computer got along. 🙁

  • this is a great tutorial! I can’t get behind Canva for business though! It’s more expensive than a photoshop subscription and does a quarter of what photoshop does!

    • True, PS just doesn’t work with my computer.

  • I’m such a dork about Pinterest images and I’ve been tweaking mine for years. This tutorial definitely hits the major points and I used to use Canva exclusively for my graphics! I use photoshop now but it definitely has a much steeper learning curve! PS – love your linked post about layout sins. I see the “too many fonts” one all the time!

    • I totally agree! My post tomorrow covers fonts more in depth haha (more like a rant, but whatever lol).

  • Elly Leavitt

    such a useful guide! pinterest is great for driving traffic, for sure! x

  • This is a great guide for using Canva! I like using Canva because you have the option of making a copy of your design. With the 2nd copy, you can go in and change the picture/ color/ text to fit the new pin. It lets you make pins that look consistent without having to start over every single time.


  • Great tutorial! I mostly use picmonkey but I love canva as well!

  • Leslie Nichole

    I love using Canva, it is so easy to use and it makes pretty images.

  • I love this tutorial. I’ve been meaning to try Canva out and give it a test run. I mostly use Photoshop, but Canva intrigues me.
    Katie | Millennial on the Move

    • I think Canva is sooo easy and a lot faster.

  • Kate

    I’ve used Canva since I started blogging and it is my number 1 go-to aside from PicMonkey. They would be everything and more to me if I could use my own fonts, but I refuse to pay for their service just to use them because everything else I like about the site is free.

    • That was the biggest thing to convince me to sign up for Canva for business!

  • Wife Sense

    I flip between Canva and PicMonkey – love em both. Wish I’d seen this months ago when I was starting. Very helpful.

    • All I found were photoshop tutorials when I first started blogging.

  • Claire Melzer

    I just started using canva recently and I love it! It is so easy to make eye catching pinterest photos. I like how they have templates for many different platforms!

  • I have got to look into Canva. It looks like such an easy platform to use. I do currently use Photoshop

  • Tracie B Threadford

    I use Canva when I don’t feel like fooling with Photoshop! Canva is easy to navigate and I’ve had much success with it!

    • That’s what I like about it; so easy!

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    I think I need to stick to one or two fonts on Canva. I’m always picking different ones!

    • I’m always finding new fonts that I want to change to!

  • Anna Hubbard

    I use Canva too! It’s such an easy and fun interface to use!
    -Anna |

  • Canva is great!

  • Love canva! always use it

  • Seriously Canva is a life saver! I love your graphics!

  • Miss ALK

    This is definitely something I could improve on! Thank you for the helpful tutorial!

    xoxo A

  • I absolutely love Canva for making all my social media graphics! Love yours too! They are just so easy to use.