Even the most experienced blogger experiences blogging burnout. It’s unavoidable and inevitable- and it can be a lot worse than you think.

beat blogging burnout

So how does she/he do it all? Well, I don’t know about you, but everyone has their little secrets here are mine.

1. Plan, plan, plan

When all else fails, plan. Well not when all else fails, make scheduling a habit. My Google Calendar is chock-full of color coded events, due dates, Instagram posts and content ideas.

2. Take breaks

Take mini breaks and big breaks. For example, I work on school stuff, take a 10-20 min break, then transition to blog work. Then when it all overwhelms me, I take a bigger break usually over the weekend (no social media, no work-nothing).

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3. Love it

You all know that I LOVE blogging, so I actually look forward to writing posts, making graphics etc. If you really love it-burnout doesn't come as easily.

4. Associate it with something good

For some odd reason I associate blogging with the song "Fancy" and I love that song (insert *don't you dare judge me look* here).

5. Get out

Get outside, get out of your head, get out period. Breathe fresh air, see friends, visit family and don't obsess over blogging.

How else can you beat blogging burnout?

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