If you’ve been blogging for a while, you may have considered some blog investments. When I first started blogging I didn’t want to pay for any services I used (think IFFT, free bit,ly accounts, Tailwind accounts, and more).

Now that I’ve been blogging for almost two years I took the plunge and decided to pay for some stuff that I think is totally worth it. Here are 7 blogging investments to make.

7  blog investments to make 1. WordPress .ORG/ someone to install it for me
I’ve been on Blogger, I tried Squarespace, went back to Blogger then finally decided on WordPress. Although it’s an extra expense, I would totally recommend getting someone to install it. I seriously didn’t want to deal with installing it and it did take a while (my impatience was shown on Snapchat and Instastories) but I seriously can’t suggest it more.

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2. My theme
There are A LOT of different and free themes out there, but buying one makes a difference. Don’t just get the first one you see/the first website you land on, ask for recs, check out Etsy, google WordPress themes, whatever- just do your research and make sure it’s the one for you (customizable, mobile friendly, easy to navigate etc.). Here’s where I got mine.

3. Boardbooster
My Pinterest schedueler was Tailwind (not the paid service) and I was getting good engagement, but when I decided to try out Boardbooster (100 pins) I was HOOKED. I currently have the $10.00 subscription (1,000 pins/month) and I love it.

4. Photoshop/Illustrator
I’ve said time and time again that Photoshop + my computer = no bueno, but I have used it at school and it really is amazing. As for illustrator, I’m still learning about all the neat stuff I can do (which is just the tip of the iceberg), but as an amateur graphic designer I’M IN LOVE.

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Okay, your phone is a pretty great tool to use when you’re on the go, but having a DSLR is suuuuuch an essential. Especially if you’re planning on taking fashion shots, product photos or even scenery/building pictures. Bonus get one that’s wifi enabled and get some tools like a tripod and remote.

6. Stock photo subscription
I haven’t plunged into this just yet, but there are SOOOO MANY awesome sites that have a subscription plan. I’m thinking of going with Haute Chocolate, Styled Stock Society or SC Stockshop– but there are literally so many other ones that I can’t decide.

7. A good computer
This is a give-in. I got my MacBook Pro for school like 5 years ago and it is seriously my baby. I love it and it hasn’t given me any problems in that time. My friend has gone through 6 laptops in 4 years- not Macs (just saying). I’m so biased, and they cost a pretty penny- but if you’d rather spend a bigger sum on a computer that will last a while than several hundreds on several different ones, invest in a Mac.

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What blog investments have you made/are thinking about making?

Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

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