So, you’ve been blogging for a while and you want to branch out-what’s a good way to do that? Well, sponsored posts is a pretty good place to start.

These are some questions that I’ve seen/gotten.


Answering some sponsored posts FAQs

Sponsored posts are great, but with great power comes great responsibility (name that movie). Let’s cover the basics.

what are Unpaid campaigns?

Unpaid campaigns are ones where the company/brand sends you their product in return for a blog post. In my opinion, these aren’t bad as long as the company sends you some sort of compensation. Now this isn’t ideal, but hey the product is better than nothing. Blogging is not my livelihood (yet) so these are okay with me. But remember this BLOGGERS SHOULDN’T WORK FOR FREE (meaning the company HAS to send you something in return).

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what are Paid campaigns?

Now these are the best (in my humble opinion). These are campaigns where the brand/company pays you AND sends you the product.

How much should you charge?

There’s no set price that I can suggest, although I read about formulas you can use to figure this out. This also depends on how much work you’re gonna do, etc.

Should I pitch to companies or wait for them to come to me?

Again, I don’t really have an answer fo you. I do both, (although pitching to brands sometimes makes me feel like I’m asking for handouts).

What should I send?

It doesn’t really matter, just remember to always be professional. When corresponding with a brand/company be polite, courteous, and try to use correct grammar. You aren’t talking to friends so no abbreviations, strange wording, cuss words, and weird stuff.

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What if I pitch to them and they say no?

Shake it off. Treat it as a learning experience. You’re gonna recieve a lot rejections, ignored responses and rude emails- seriously brush it off and start again.

What if a brand comes to me and I want to say no?

Just be polite. More on this later.

Is this legit?

This is seriously the question I see the most. Here’s what I do:
1 Ask a Facebook group
2. Google the company
3. Just do your research

 Do you have any questions about sponsored posts? Or answers? Leave them in the comments below!


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  • Andrea Tirmer

    You mention using correct grammar but you’ve got at least three typos in this post. Also, your Instagram link (in your sidebar) points to your Facebook page.

    • This is not an email to a brand or company, and as I’ve said before, typos happen so don’t hate on everything. As for the link, I shall fix it immediately! Thanks for letting me know.

  • Great tips for beginner bloggers looking to work with brands! We all start somewhere!

  • This is a good overview! I would like to see a little more depth in the answers but this is a good start to a general sponsored posts FAQ!

  • Jamie

    Great tips for bloggers just starting out! Blogging can be overwhelming at the very start!

    • It can be overwhelming period haha.

  • Great tips! Sponsored posts are always so much fun.

  • Ashley Garza

    This is a great overview of sponsored posts! I love how you broke it down and made it easy to understand. So helpful for beginners!!

  • Adriana

    Such a great post! A lot of people wonder about sponsored content so this is awesome!

  • April Kitchens

    This post is great for beginners to learn. Informative and to the point!

  • Great tips, Alix! My favorite way to see if a person who has emailed my from a PR company/brand is legit is to look up their LinkedIn profile. If I can quickly find a person’s profile and everything matches up, I tend to think that it’s a bit more reputable.

    • I didn’t even think of that! Good idea. The info you sent me will be up tomorrow!

  • Greta Hollar

    This is a great FAQ. You give such great advice on your blog girl!

    Greta |

  • I love your site Alix, but I have to strongly disagree with your sentiment for unpaid campaigns. You can’t really say “I work for free, but remember bloggers shouldn’t!” It hurts the ENTIRE industry and is disrespectful to bloggers who set standards. Of course there are times it makes sense to work for free ($2,000 couch, $1,500 mattress) but for a $200 teeth whitening kit? I don’t think so! It’s hard to be about community when the community is splitting on itself and harming one another. All of our actions have a direct impact on others and whether or not we are taken seriously. Again, love your site and this isn’t against you, just that one point is pretty contradictory and we all need to stand together <3

    • My bad! I guess I should’ve clarified that I expect SOMETHING in return for what I post.

  • Helpful post, but I have to point out, and just a generalization, nothing towards you, but you say at first that you have nothing against being compensated with something, even if it is product, but then you say just a few sentences later that you shouldn’t work for free. Unfortunately I feel as if product is in essence for free, these PR companies and brand reps aren’t getting paid in clothing/beauty products/etc. for their salary to pay their expenses or rent! We shouldn’t let them have such low standards for us either! I know my mortgage can’t be paid in product items so I stand my ground 🙂

  • I love this, so helpful especially when figuring out about unpaid campaigns and what your blog is worth. Blogging isn’t my full time so I don’t mind taking a few things unpaid if I absolutely love the brand.

    • I do too! Good to know I’m not alone on that front.

  • Bea Alvarado

    Thanks for this post Alix; I love the suggestion you made about asking in FB Groups to see if a company is legit!

    • That’s what I do if I can’t find anything about them haha.

  • This is a great and informative post! I do think that as bloggers, we shouldn’t work for free – even if the company sends us something. Things don’t help me pay off my loans haha.

  • Anna Hubbard

    These are all great tips, Alix!
    -Anna |

  • You answered some great questions and one of mine! Love this post!

  • Chelsea

    I’m starting to get into these questions myself, so this was super helpful! Thank you!

  • Awesome tips girl!!! Sponsored posts are lots of fun to create!

  • Such great tips. I’ve had to learn to shake it off when you get a no or no reply. I love doing sponsored posts though. They’re a ton of fun if you believe in the products and company!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve gotten approached for some sponsored posts, but I do want to reach out to certain companies in the future. I’m just trying to up my social numbers.


    • Yeah apparently that’s huge for them.