There are toooons of bloggers that have worked with more brands than I have and I welcome them today. Here is their advice when it comes to working with brands.

These are OPINIONS so please no hate! 

Other bloggers share their dos and don'ts of working with brands


This is a long post, but it’s chock full of VALUABLE information! Trust me, you’ll want to save this.

DO clarify everything

After negotiations make a clear statement sharing what you will do for the company and what they will do in return, that way everything is on the table without confusion.

DON'T be unprofessional

A PR person might try to add some slang or emojis, but it’s always best for you to write in a professional manner (but that doesn’t mean you have to sound like a robot!). It helps brands take you seriously and will probably help you secure more partnerships with them and others in the future!

-Sami Mast, The Classic Brunette

DO give it your all

Give 110% when working with a brand, even if it’s not paid. If you do this, they will likely ask to work with you again and it could potentially open other doors 

DON'T always refuse unpaid campaigns

If you feel that’s it’s a good fit for your brand, go for it. I’ve had many unpaid sponsorships turn into amazing relationships, referrals to other brands and paid sponsorships.

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-Elizabeth Hugen, Lizze in Lace

DO have a contract

This becomes incredibly handy to reference back to if you’re asked to do additional tasks or if the scope of the work changes in any way. It also protects you and ensures you get paid the agreed upon amount at a specific time. Contracts are crazy important!

Kelsey O’Brien, Blondes and Bagles

DON'T collaborate just 'cuz

Make sure to stay true to yourself and your brand. Your followers love you for what makes you unique and for the content you post, so don’t just collaborate with a brand because it’s popular or because you’ll get paid for it. Work with the brands that mean something to you and that fit the content your followers expect.

Kerry Ingram, Glaminista08

DO keep communicating

I suggest communicating throughout the campaign, like letting them know when you’re planning content or when your content is expected to be live. Remember, this is just as much a business for them as it is for you!

DON"T be rude

Be courteous when communicating with brands! Be prompt. Even if you’re saying no, they’ll appreciate a prompt response.

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Ellen Borza, A Pop of Pink


Under promise and over deliver

Holly Cupernus, Feisty Green Polka Dot

DO ask for what you want

If there is a specific product or price point you’d like, ask for it. The worst that can happen is they’ll so no.

DON'T feel pressured

 Don’t accept their offer just because you think it will open other doors for you.

Leslie Soto, Peaches and Willow 

DO your homework

What new products have they recently introduced? What products have you recently tried? When you’re ready to send your pitch, seek out the appropriate PR person and address your email to them. In your email, you can mention that you absolutely love the brand and you’re a big fan, but if you can take it a step further and include a personal story about how the brand or their products have made a difference in your life, that will stand out.

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DON'T follow up week after week

PR departments are busy! Not only are they sharing news about their products, but they’re looking for ways to spread the word with bloggers. If a brand is truly interested in working with you, they will reply to you and let you know. If you are dead set on working with a brand but haven’t heard back from them after sending a pitch, wait a while and then attempt to send another email once a good amount of time has passed.

Katie Cece, Milennial on the Move

Well there you have it! I’ve linked back to these lovely bloggers so check them out.

What advice do you have for working with brands?

Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

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