I’m finally getting book reviews up! It’s been far too long since I posted one.

There are NO SPOILERS in these reviews so read on!

If you read Monday’s post (summer reading list) you might be thinking “she finished not one, but TWO books already?”

While I’m flattered that you think I have some kind of superhuman reading power, the earlier statement is an overstatement. Like a HUGE overstatement. I started reading ‘Snobs’ like a week ago.

The reviews are in for 'Snobs' and 'The Three Monarchs'
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When I create a reading list I allow myself one book to not finish (the excerpt usually draws me in, then I read part of it and decide I want to move on).

‘Snobs’ by Julian Fellows was that book for me. When I first saw the cover I saw that his name was on top and bigger than the actual title of the book. I didn’t think anything about it, but that should’ve been hint #1 that this book was just ‘ehh’.

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Recap: A (sorta) social climbing woman marries the Earl of Broughton and quickly becomes bored with her situation. Then a gorgeous actor comes along and spices things up. So eventually she has to choose what she wants (I didn’t get that far).

Now it isn’t a horrible book, I was drawn in by the fact that his name was on it (his Downton Abbey connection was on full display too- and I LOVE that show). It was just okay…

Even though I only read a little more than half, I decided that I wanted to read the other treasures I got. I was SO EXCITED to start reading for fun again, but knowing I would be reading this was kinda disheartening and put me off/

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Short review: It’s a marketing ploy, predictable and not worth it.

Making a complete turn around, ‘The Three Monarchs‘ by Anthony Horowitz was gooood!

Recap: It’s a short story about Sherlock Holmes. It takes place after Watson gets married and moves out. When he goes and visits Holmes he gets sucked into an investigation of a burglary gone wrong.

The Three Monarchs is not a long story, but it does pique the imagination. I have to admit that while I was reading it I tried to reason out what happened-I did not succeed.

I will say that if you haven’t read the Sherlock Holmes books (guilty) you might be a little confused by what is said (I totally Googled some characters).

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If you’ve seen the Guy Ritchie movies those are the characters I used in my head. And before I’m attacked by Sherlockians, I have not seen the Sherlock series YET (thanks Netflix).

Short review: It makes me want to read more.

So those are my reviews for now, I’m currently reading Nice is just a Place in France by the Betches. Tell me in the comments below what I should read next (from my summer reading list)?

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