You guys, I have been wanting a custom drawing for FOREVER now! Actually, I was looking for the right person to draw one for me. Enterย Natalia Lavrinenko.

See my custom drawing by Natalia Lavrinenko and be sure to follow her on Instagram!

First of all, I followed Natalia on Instagram after seeing her drawings on someone’s page (networking, yo).

After casually liking her posts, I saw her drawing of a someone we both follow.

I about died and stalked the rest of her feed. Here’s a taste of her work:

This is the one she drew for me:

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It’s based on the Pinterest graphic of this post.

Image via Natalia Lavrinenko

An actual GIF of me right now

Well, actually I do care. Natalia’s talent needs to be known. Follow her on Instagram and see all her designs!

Go contact her! She’s super nice and doesn’t bite. I promise.

Again, this is her Instagramย (in case you missed it the other 20 times I shared it).

Have you ever had a custom drawing done? Would you consider it? Talk to Natalia!




P.S. my dad saw this he said ‘Oh! Mulan!” it’s always nice to be mistaken for a Disney princess. ๐Ÿ™‚

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