Well I’ve decided to add a bit more to my May Mixings than a joke, a MLO and a playlist, I’ve added my blogging stats, and a personal monthly recap.

So here we go!

My updated monthly recap-May edition









What exercises do lazy people do?














My Latest Obsession

So I’m OBSESSED with The Betches. I thought I was so hipster and told my friend about them thinking I discovered a new “thing” and she replied “You’re just finding out about them?!”-exhibit A that I’m so outdated.

In case you’re like me and don’t know who they are, The Betches are an unapologetic, saying what’s on your mind and totally awesome brand (their Mean Girls references are hilarious!).

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Their not boring AF newsletter is a basic girl’s dream. Click this to sign up for their brutally honest news updates.

ICYMI-this is their Instagram account, this (is the book I’m reading now and I seriously recommend it!) and this is their other book their TwitterFB, Pinterest, the website and their online shop.

Blog Stats

Thanks to the blogging break I took, my blog stats are waaaay down-but they will (hopefully) jump back up now that I’m posting again!

Monthly recap

Goodness it’s been a busy month. First of all, we threw dad a surprise birthday (here’s the recap). It was chocked full of family, friends and FOOD. Lots and lots of food.

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Then last Monday our main water line busted, Wednesday our coffee machine broke (FML) and on Friday something tragic happened. Bad things come in threes so I’m hoping that’s it for a while.

In brighter news, school is out for the summer! I took a blogging break to focus on end of semester things and now I’m ready to tackle blogging all the time.

I’ve also gotten back to reading; I’m reading these this summer. I’m also doing a lot more writing-stay tuned for that!

How was your May?


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