When I was on break-I had a lot to do, a lot planned and feel like I got very little done. Even though it didn’t go as I planned (does it ever?) I think I got some blogging stuff done. Here’s what I did.

Some tips and tricks to do on a blogging break

I caught my breath

For the longest time everything was swirling and zooming by. Deadlines were met by the skin of my teeth and the months were ZOOMING by.  I took this time and really focused on me- Reading came back into focus (reviews to come), went outside and drank my tea/coffee in the morning and slept in (kinda).

I did some blog work

There has been something that has been on my blogging to-do list for months now and I finally did it! *insert dance party here*. It didn’t take long and it wasn’t even hard, but I kept procrastinating and putting it at the bottom of my to-do list. I also wrote some drafts, made some graphics and kinda came up with some content (writers block, EFF YOU).

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P.S. I also caught up with some of my favorite bloggers (Carly from The College Prepster, anyone?).

I planned

It should’ve said ‘I scheduled”, but I didn’t get that far. Google Cal is seriously me best friend (sharing a calendar with a group=GENIUS). Now it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m so type A and having a plan (even though it almost NEVER goes that way) makes me feel better. So I don’t have any physical proof of what I accomplished, but I promise it’s good.

I did nothing

Ugh…I got sick, again. So for like a week all I did was guzzle honey & ginger tea, eat cough drops, go through like a gazillion tissues and eat soup. Oh, I cleaned up my DVR and started a new series on Netflix- that’s a win for me. And the whole family was sick (even our dog was on medicine) so we had a pretty lazy week in all.

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I started writing (and reading!) again

Most of my author/social media bios say I’m a writer, well I’m also sad to say that I just wasn’t feeling motivated enough to write. Call it an EXTREME case of writer’s block. Thanks to Google Docs, I was able to write from my phone- sometimes I really don’t want to get on the computer. Tell me, what do you think of a summer writing challenge?

I think I’ve written enough about my reading plans, but here’s my summer ’17 reading list anyway.


What do you do on a blogging break?


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