When the sun starts to sink later in the day and you drink nothing but sweet tea (well in the south) it can only mean one thing: summer.

11 summer essentials
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Well I can’t dive into my birth season without a few essentials. I’ve also linked similar pieces below.

Summer essentials
1. A summer dress-lately I’m all about the one shoulder look, but a good sun dress is always part of my wardrobe. Check these out:

2. Sunscreen– I cannot be the only one deathly afraid of skin cancer. Remember this post? The one pictured here I got from Julep and I love it because it doesn’t leave those weird white streaks when you spread it. Here are some other options:

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3. Cute graphic tees– I have this one (well it’s similar) and I freakin’ love it. Remember those earrings on Instagram that I couldn’t find an outfit for? I totally forgot about this tee. Look at these:

4. Cold shoulder blouse– last summer it was off the shoulder everything (well it still kinda is), but now it’s all about cold shoulder blouses! Take a look at these:

5. Classic sunnies-honestly, a good pair of aviators are essential for any season. Mine are super old and super worn out, but they fit my face perfectly and I wear them all the time. Here are some other ones:

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6. Statement earrings– Another every season essential, but paired with a darling off the shoulder/cold shoulder tee= ADORABLE! These are gorge:

7.  Cute shorts– summertime=shorts all day er’ry day(?). Plus scalloped trimmed? BONUS! Check out these cuties:

8. Palm print/cute phone case– Give me an adorable phone case and I’ll be your bestie. Plus palm print is so hot right now. Here are some awesome cases/palm print must haves:

9. Summery-red nail polish-I don’t know how to describe the shade, but it’s different than a Christmas-y red. Case in point:

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10. Floppy sun hat– Okay, last summer I WAS NOT feeling these, but this summer is a totally different story! Bonus points if there is a cute accent like these:

11. Scalloped one piece bathing suit– I saw a white version of this suit somewhere online and I fell in LOVE. Here are some other beauties:

Those are my summertime essentials! If you liked this (which I hope you did) check out my treat yo’ self post!

What are your summer essentials?

Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

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