Is anyone in denial that today is the last day of June?! WHERE DID SUMMER GO?! I’m not even halfway through my summer reading list

My June recap!
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What's Beethoven's favorite fruit?

this one made me LOL (calling all music nerds/BAMFs)




















A ba-na-na-na








My Latest Obsession

My lashes are incredibly stubborn-so much so that some mascaras are surplus to requirement. 

This mascara is seriously the best-you twist the wand to change the shape (a longer brush=lengthy lashes and the shorter thicker option= volumized lashes).

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Here are my lashes before I applied the mascara

And here they are after 

It may not look huge, but trust me I feel a HUGE difference. So it might be a little pricey, but I think it’s totally worth it.

Blog Stats

Remember last month? My stats were waaaay down because of the break I took. This month I started a hashtag, introduced a new freebie and posted consistently! 

Page views– 9,886 
UPV– 4,382
Users– 3,102
Sessions– 3,670

Top 3 posts:
Summer ’17 reading list
11 Free Stock Photo Subscriptions
Instagram tricks, tips and FREE hashtag guide

You guys, one of my goals this year was to grow my Instagram following to at least 1,000. I’m at 945 right now- so close yet so far (thanks to all the followers/unfollowers out there).

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Monthly recap

Well… this month was interesting. The day before father’s day dad had an emergency (he’s okay!) then on Father’s Day we had a few people over. 

I finished ‘Nice is Just a Place in France‘ by The Betches and ‘The Swans of 5th Avenue‘ by Melanie Benjamin now I’m reading ‘The Perfect Girl‘ by Gilly Macmillan.

Netflix binges: One- we watched season 2 of Poldark over a weekend. If I talk about this more I’ll no doubt spill some spoilers.


Mom’s birthday was on the 9th, dad’s was in May so now it’s my turn! Although it’s at the very end of the month (practically August). Our annual trip to CA is planned and scheduled so stay tuned for that recap!

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How was your June?





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