Remember my post about how great Facebook groups are and how they helped my engagement? Well Pinterest group boards are great for engagement also. Here are 8 to join.

Check out these 8 Pinterest group boards to join
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I recently did a clean up of the group boards I’m a part of-so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments below!

1. #BloggingLikeABoss
Again, this is probably one of the first group boards I joined. This group board is so diverse and yet also narrowed down. I love scrolling through this board and finding new topics to read about.

2. #BloggingCollege
This group steamed from The Blogging College Facebook group I’m also a part of. I love it because it rounds up the best college bloggers who post about well college (and more).

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3. The Blog Squad
Okay shameless self promotion aside, this board is the best! I actually started the FB group well after I started the Pinterest group board. We have 13K pins, 1.3K members and did I mention a Facebook group?

4. Millennial Mindset Group Board
Guess what this board is all about!? If you can’t guess, it’s for millennials, by millennials and it focuses on pretty much anything millennial.

Now this is the first group board I joined. I remember it so clearly- I nervously sent the email requesting to join thinking I would be denied without a second thought. So not true!

6. These Gold Bloggers 
Honestly I can’t remember when I joined this one, but I’m glad I did! This board is open to all niches- but the admin Kate also has a Healthy Blogging Board that you can join.

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7. Bloggers With Authority
Another branch of Kayla’s expansive blogging community! Join her FB group also.

8. Bloggers on Pinterest
This board is for the members of the Blogging 101 FB group so if you want to join be a part of it join her awesome FB group!

Just FYI: Go through the group boards and pin other people’s content! Most of my pins are pinned through Boardbooster so I have to remind myself to do this on a weekly basis.


What Pinterest group boards have you joined?

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