It’s not a secret that I am a total DOG LOVER (remember my 20 things post?). Like every intro thread, bio and caption/post/picture is dog related. Okay not every single one, but a picture or mention of a dog melts my heart. Let me tell you why I think dogs are the best.

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Photo by Marion Michele via Unsplash

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, what’re you waiting for?) you noticed that I tweeted something very cryptic. I couldn’t talk about it then, actually I wasn’t in any condition to write/blog/type.

Well it was about my dog, Oreo. He was soooo sick and we had no idea what was wrong with him. Long story short- I think (pray) he’s okay now, but it made me think about all the things that make dogs the best. 

1. Dogs are the best because they show affection

Not to hate on other pets, but I have never seen a cat that loves to cuddle, kiss, or even show affection. They may shed, take up most of the bed/couch or even stink but the feeling of cuddling with a fur baby is such a comfort. Who doesn’t find it intolerable to leave their dog at home and be gone for a couple days? Although when you return home and they greet you at the door with their tail wagging, jumping for joy and smelling and kissing you is a total joy. 

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2. Dogs are the best because they make you happy

While I did PT I spent practically the whole day standing up and working on walking again. I focused hard on that, but when the therapy dogs came in I practically forgot everything that was going on around me. I can’t explain how happy those cuties made me. For example, I got so excited to see a dog one time that I totally forgot I was walking and I almost fell down when I bent down to pet it. Props to my PT for catching me. By my shirt. Ow. 

3. Dogs are the best because they make you laugh

As I’m typing this, Oreo just slammed his butt into my leg (I’m not paying attention to him and he hates that). He also looks like Charlie Chaplin when he sits down and when he waddles/walks. On my gloomiest day he cheers me up and makes me smile. And most of the time he doesn’t have to do anything, him just being him makes my day. 

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4. Dogs are the best because they're good for your health

Another fact: I came to my parents 17 years after they got married. They credit getting a dog for a lot of it. While I’m thankful that it worked out I won’t write about it anymore because ew. Check out this graphic instead.  

Graphic via PuppySpot

Are you a dog person? What do you think makes them the best?




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