I remember thinking to my 5 year old self that I would want a HUGE birthday party every year. I imagined bouncy castles, awesome cakes, lots of friends and of course giant wrapped gifts.

Thinking back to that now all I can say is: no thank you.

A recap of my 24th birthday in San Diego!
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Seriously, that sounds like too much work! My birthday this year was low-key: a family lunch, picture taking, a ferry ride and just what I wanted. Here’s a recap of my special day.

I woke up at like 5:30 CA time because a friend in TX texted me (TX is two hours ahead). The morning was so laid back and uneventful until around 10:30 when I started to get ready.

Fast forward two hours and we’re heading to Il Fornaio by the Coronado Bay where the food and the views are incredible.

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Bacon, asparagus, onion and mushroom penne for me
seafood spaghetti for mom (sorry for the blurry photos, they were taken in a hurry because the food smelled so good)

After stuffing our faces, we ordered desert and of course I got a candle on my tiramisu.

Following lunch, we went for a ferry ride across the Coronado Bay. As we waited for our ship to come, we took like 3450234 pictures. I had the lovely task of going through them all and came out with these.

sunglasses (old-I linked similar) | earrings | necklace (similar) | dress (I used a maxi skirt as a dress) | purse

When the ferry came, we sat on the outer deck and guess what? We took more pictures.

The San Diego convention center a.k.a. the hub of SDCC. And no I didn’t go 🙁
I think this was the $5 million yacht

My nephew with his raspberry sorbet stain

After our ferry ride we just wandered around the ferry landing marketplace-we got my nephew a ‘touristy’ shirt but not before taking a silly picture with a restaurant sign.

He’s conscious about it now so he covered the stain with his arms.

Since we missed the traffic rush, we drove straight home, picked up my other nephew and went to the pool.

That was our day! Now on to the presents.

I love gift cards. Getting gift cards is an excuse to shop so yeah I love gift cards. My favorite ones to get are Amazon and Sephora and that’s what I got! So thank you!

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With my Sephora gift card, I went on a mini shopping spree. 

Can you tell that I love their Sephora brand products?

Their masks are definitely a fave. I decided to focus on just my under-eyes this time so I got this mask. This and this make your skin feel super soft.

The green tea cleansing products not only smell refreshing, but are AMAZING! The exfoliating cream is great when I have time to really clean my face, but the wipes are FANTASTIC for when I just want to fall in bed after a long day. Hint: one side is for makeup removal and the other is for exfoliation. Two-in-one win-win!

I’m obsessed-in fact it’s my MLO.

Next is this adorable lipstick set. It just came out and it has 6 travel size neutral lipsticks. Mom already got two of them, but the other 4 are miiiiine.

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This eye shadow kit wasn’t part of my haul- but I got it during my shopping spree, so it counts-right? I haven’t tested it out yet, but it has 3 looks; a daytime look, the classic cat eye and the fashion eye and there are instructions included to create each look. I’ll try out each so stay tuned for a review!

That’s all for now… I think.

What did you do for your last birthday? Any gifts you’re super excited about?




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Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

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