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Although it seems like it (to me anyway), the first day of a new semester is always nerve racking. I try not to think about it by focusing on what I need to bring on the first day back-my mind is weird, don’t judge.

Here’s my first day needs list:

First Day of a new semester needs

1. A kick-a&! outfit!-I may be a junior/senior, but I will always dress up (somewhat) on the first day. After all first impressions aren’t everything but they’re f*$%ing important! Think my preppy essentials post Shop my first day look here:

2. Versatile purse/bag– My go-to bag is a cross body, but I’ve seen some awesome shoulder, tote and all other bags. Make sure it’s something that carries all your needs.

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3. Notebook and pens– Please don’t be the person who shows up to class without a pen and paper. All your notes and stuff may be typed, but you never know when the teacher will ask for something to be turned in immediately or something. Target has the cutest school and office supplies.

4. Phone or tablet– The rant on bringing notebooks and pens over, bring a digital device that can access internet! Pretty much all my teachers tell us to access the course syllabus on the school website. So instead of wasting trees, bring your phone!

5. A flash drive/student I.D.- I put these together because they’re both on my lanyard so I can’t lose either.

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Most (okay all) of my classes require computer work and sometimes that work needs to be saved and worked on at home hence a flash drive (one time a student didn’t have one so the professor gave her a floppy disk- long story short, she didn’t know what it was 😂).

ok all students/previous students, who goes anywhere without their I.D./student I.D.?

Tip: put your flash drive and your I.D. on the same lanyard so that you’re never without either-add keys if you want.

What do you bring on the first day back?

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