Finding great desktop or phone wallpapers always raises my spirits. So in case you had a rough day (week, month, or even year!) here are 5 FREE downloads for you! 5 FREE WALLPAPERS just for you :)

I decided to share 5 square designs with you all just because (and there are more in the resource library). This will be a super short post because it’s the first day back for me and I’m suuuuuper busy! So let’s cut the chit chat and get to the downloads.

Okay, if you’re already subscribed you get the password to the resource library! So go there now to download. Plus another freebie is coming at ya in the monthly roundup!

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If you’re new and want these- click on the graphic above to subscribe, you’ll get an email with the password to the resource library (be patient, it may take a while!), enter it, find the icon you want, click it, then save it to your own Dropbox and/or computer!

That’s it!

I made them square so I think they’ll work on most devices! So make them the background of anything that tickles your fancy.

What do you think of the wallpapers?



P.S. I might’ve included a bonus…you have to download them to see!

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