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Hey guys! It’s guest post month on the blog! Every Wednesday there will be an author featured here. This post is about living alone in college by the fabulous Makaela from uniquelymickie.com

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After three years of living with roommates, I finally said enough is enough to interesting roommates and decided to live alone in college. I’m an only child so when I had to live with people in the college dorms and in apartments it was a big adjustment for me. While I learned a lot from the experiences, this year was the year that I wanted to live alone and learn more about myself as an adult.

Makaela from uniquelymickie.com tells us 6 reasons to live alone in college

Here are the reasons why I chose to live alone in college:

1. Privacy
Man when I tell you I have always had interesting roommates ever since I started college, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve always valued privacy since I was a kid, but I have learned to love it even more now that I’m in school full-time. You might walk out of your room to grab some water before bed and find a party getting started in your living room. Or maybe you might come home after class to find a random guy on your coach with no roommate to ask who the heck the person was. Yes, that’s what I had to deal with it and why I’m loving living solo.

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2. Freedom
The best part about living alone is the freedom that you gain. No more having to consider someone else’s schedule or collaborating on decoration styles. In my other apartments, I never really decorated in the living room or bathroom because I didn’t want someone else ruining the items that I bought. Nobody cares about your personal items more than you do after all.

3. Peace and quiet
While working and being in class half of the day is great and all, sometimes the best part of coming home is the peace and quiet of your own space. You can literally hear yourself think, which is great for when you need to take a mental break from life.

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4. Cleaning
What’s the saying that every parent says to their child? ‘My house, my rules’? The same goes when you’re living alone. You can choose how, when, and how often you choose to clean your apartment. Plus it’s a lot easier to live in your own filth versus living in someone’s filth that you can’t control. Trust me, nothing’s worse than having a roommate that never cleans her dishes until the sink is too full to stuff anymore.

5. Career enhancement
When you want to be successful in your career or studies, you have to take the time out of your day to put the work in. That lifestyle and mindset doesn’t come to the weak-hearted or lazy individuals. Having a space to your own will allow you to be worker harder and put more time into your business.

For me, I have to study a lot for pharmacy school and publish blog posts in between my study sessions. Coming home to a quiet and clean apartment space is the perfect place for me to work hard and set myself up for future success.

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6. Self-discovery
Living alone really teaches you a lot about yourself. The main reason is because you have to act different and be more considerate of someone else’s space when you live with roommates. When you’re living solo, you have to learn a new set of rules; the rules of being independent and self-sufficient.

do you live alone in college? or did you in the past?


Author: Makaela

Hey! I'm Makaela from Uniquely Mickie, a college & lifestyle blog. I'm a current pharmacy student at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy. When I'm not studying drugs or drug mechanisms, I love swimming, shopping, and hanging out with friends. Check out my blog to learn more about me! And we totally need to be friends!

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