Ahhh, fall is finally here in the TX panhandle (well for now)! Call me basic- I don’t care! Autumn is my favorite season. I couldn’t be more excited, I mean pumpkins, Halloween, sweaters, boots, THE WEATHER. Just give me all the fall.

Love everything about the fall! Sharing some of my fall favorites!
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Fall inspirations
I just had to create a mood board for this season because I love it so much!

The only thing I don’t like is that the fall season is too short. It’s like we have 5 months of summer 5 1/2 months of winter, 1 month of spring and 1/2 a month of fall (okay, that’s exaggerated, but it feels that short).

Enough gabbing.

What to wear


Knit sweaters and cardigans

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Puffer vests

What to eat

Pumpkin everything!

Apple pies

Oatmeal cookies (idk why I associate them with fall)


Casseroles- especially green bean

Game day foods

What to watch

Dead Poets Society

Hocus Pocus (um, duh)

When Harry Met Sally

Good Will Hunting

Remember the Titans

St. Elmo’s Fire

Gilmore Girls

Cidre House Rules

What to read

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Secret Garden

Harry Potter

The Secret History

Anne of Green Gables

The Goldfinch

Don’t forget to check out my fall reading list!

What to drink

Apple Cider

Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Spice Latte

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(pretty much anything hot)

Cinnamon anything

What to do

Go apple picking

Visit a pumpkin patch

Carve a pumpkin

Go to a corn maze

Get the s#!t scared out of you at a haunted house

Host a friendsgiving

Fall beauty:

I’m so not a beauty expert, check out this post, this post and this post are my favorites. I do say matte lipsticks are the way to go!

Other fall essentials

Fall candles

Deep nail colors

Cute coats

cozy blankets

fun socks

What are your favorites about the fall?

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