There are a few things that I can’t live without- and when I say live I mean blog. Because blog is life. Okay, but seriously here are the blogging tools I can’t blog without.

10 blogging tools that make my blogging career a lot easier.
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1. Google
Docs, forms, Gmail, GCal and Google itself-the list goes on and on.

2. Illustrator
If you don’t know already, I LOOOVE to create graphics. I do love Photoshop and I can create stuff there, but Illustrator is like end game.

3. My phone
It’s the first thing I check in the morning. Hey Facebook, if you could come up with a ‘remove preview; option for mobile that would AWESOME.

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4. Pinterest
Admittedly, I don’t know Pinterest inside and out yet (if you know of a great training course that’s free and not time sensitive, LMK!). I’m not obsessed with it like I am with IG, but it is the #1 traffic source for my blog and I can’t blog without it.

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5. Facebook
My page isn’t a huge draw for me (like it if you haven’t already please! #tryingtogetto1000), but FB groups where I can get engagement are the best.

Sweet nectar of the gods. Seriously. Can’t do anything without it.

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7. My dog
My sweet little Oreo has gotten multiple shout outs- but cuddling with him when I’m on a blogging break is soooo beneficial- for both of us.

8. My laptop
Have I mentioned that I practically live on my laptop? Of course I use it for work, but it’s houses all my photos, music and movies.

9. Phonetic Eye ware glasses 
Didcha catch this post? Pretty much explains how much how much I use and love them.

10. Spotify
And my headphones! Particular songs boost my mood, inspire me and prompt me to write. Only thing? Reputation isn’t on Spotify.

What blogging tools help you blog?

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