If I haven’t told you yet, I’m suuuuuper busy with my magazine project and other writing endeavors so my creative juices go there instead of my blog. I was going to photograph my desk area and bookshelf-which I completely reorganized, but alas I have not. I did create my dream desk area and thought I would share it with y’all.

Contains affiliate links. Sharing the items that would be on my dream desk.
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dream desk
As you can see the colors I love are champagne and blush (pink and gold-or really rose gold).
The desk is customizable and I’ve had my eye on it for years, but it’s not exactly budget friendly. Add this for extra storage.
I love everything girly and this bow chair is no exception-I mean it’s not ergonomic or a smart buy, but seriously SO CUTE!
Can you tell I like rose gold? I already have these (thank you Apple student discount). I found a gold desk accessory set at Target (push pins, paperclips and binder clips), but these will be forever on my wishlist.
And I can’t study or blog without coffee, which also calls for cute coffee mugs. Here is the eyelash one and the to-go cup. I can’t find the ‘coffee because adulting is hard’ print.
Here is a similar to-do list, the iPhone case and similar pencils.

On this Pinterest board I have desk, bookshelf and study area inspiration, I also looked at this feed a lot.

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What’s on your dream desk?

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Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

  • That bow chair is the absolute cutest, I squealed when I saw it!!!

    • Isn’t it freaking adorable?! LOVE IT!

  • Nichole

    So cute! Some great inspo!

  • great finds! hope you can have it some day.

  • That desk looks perfect! I need to get a desk area setup in my office at home. Right now it’s just my fiancé’s computer stuff everywhere!

    • Lol I used to work from our cluttered dinner table!

  • I love all of these things!! that desk is super cute! I just bought a really cute desk from habitat for humanity for $62 and it matches all of my z gallerie furniture perfectly which is super exciting! I still have a lot of decorating to do for my desk and my office but honestly, I’m just so excited to finally have a desk because I’ve been working from my couch for like a year and a half

  • Carrie A Groff

    Cute items!! Love the pink and white! I have a treadmill desk in my living room lol I love it because it keeps me active when I’m working on the computer so I’m not sitting all day.

    • I want a standing desk, but it’s not really ‘pretty’ haha.

  • Anna Hubbard

    I love the color scheme!

  • Uhm…this is totally my dream desk space too!!

  • Melissa Chapman

    That chair is too cute but I have to have something a little more substantial to work with. Coffee is an essential for parenting, working or anything before 10AM.

    • Haha yeah it’s not the most practical.

  • Seriously desk goals!! I can’t wait to buy a house in the spring and make a cute little office area!

  • I’ve been wanting a new office chair and new desk for the longest time! I actually went to buy my dream chair at iKea and they didn’t have it…I was so sad 🙁


  • I adore all the rose gold accents you rounded up in this post! I’ve been wanting to redo our desk space and I definitely want some sort of push pin board to collect momentos and inspiration.

    • I have one now, but I chose it when I was like 12 haha.

  • I’m obsessed with that bow back chair. SO SO cute.

  • Allison Ellzey

    YAS desk and office goals!

  • Amanda K

    If I had an office, mine would be very similar to yours! I love pink and gold paired together!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  • OO! I love that desk! I have an office, but my husband and I share it sooooo it’s a lot less like how i would want it haha. But I love cork borads, their essential for inspiration!

    • Haha mines just a refurbished vanity table in a corner of my room!

  • McKennableu

    That’s my dream desk area too. Perfection! Rose gold is my fave!

  • I love how your dream desk space has everything matching! The blush pink and rose gold is beautiful!

    • Haha in a perfect world everything would go together, in real life? Not so much haha.

  • Love this, actually looking to purchase rose gold desk accessories

    • The Kate Spade ones that I linked are my favorite!

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    I totally love your desk inspiration! I need all of this for my future dream office space!

  • Paige Rankin

    I love your inspiration. I want all of that for my desk area!

    xoxo, Paige