Remember this post? Well since then I got a new laptop and Illustrator works great on it so I create all my graphics on that now. I still adore Canva and still use it from time to time, but Illustrator is my end game.

Excuse me while I will listen to that T-Swift song on repeat.

Ok, I’m back and here we go:

In Illustrator, I create a new document 735 X 1102 in size

Then I hit shift+command+p to place a photo

When I have decided what photo I want I resize it/crop it to fit the art board.

Then I use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle on the art board. Resize it to the size you want, I also changed the opacity to 75%.

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I then added another, bigger rectangle, made the fill color none, made the stroke (the outline of the shape you made) 5 and also made it my brand color.

I added another, smaller rectangle (in my brand color again), then chose the ‘T’ or type tool. I typed my blog address, changed the font, tracking (letter spacing) and size.

Use the direct selection arrow (the black one) to move the things everything to where you want it.

After everything is in place, I move on to write my blog post headline.

Choose the type tool again then write out your title. Use a combo of san serif and a decorative font for the main title (size should determine purpose/importance) then in a smaller size serif (or sans serif) font type what else is needed to the title.

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I just move around the text boxes to where I want and then I’m done!

I export my design by going to File>Export>Save for web (Legacy) and under the preset name I make sure it’s JPEG Medium and the quality is 30%. All the other settings remain the same.

Save your creation as a template so you don’t have to make it from scratch again.

Then I can upload my graphic to my blog!

Do you use Illustrator to make graphics? What tips do you have?


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  • I use canva mostly but I want to play with illustrator more, it’s been a while! Your tutorial is so simple, love it.

    • It’s pretty much the same with more freedom to create things!

  • I use Canva, I love it. I’ve never used Illustrator.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    • I used Canva for a long time, but Illustrator is so much better for my needs!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I have never used Illustrator, I am with Lily I always use canva!

  • Miss ALK

    This is so helpful! I don’t use Illustrator but I feel like some of these tips could still be applied to other design platforms!! I could definitely improve on my Pinterest design skills.

    xoxo A

    • Honestly it’s so like Photoshop with just a few tweaks.

  • Victoria Rowe (The Real Blonde

    It’s so interesting to see how other people make their graphics! I’ve always used Canva, but it’s great to know that other programs aren’t absolutely terrifying to try and navigate!

    xo, Victoria
    The Real Blonde

    • It’s so easy! People are so intimidated by it.

  • You’re such a pro! I just use canva 🙂

    • My media kit is in Canva for easy sharing.

  • Thanks for this quick tutorial! I love Photoshop but am really intimidated by illustrator. Did you teach yourself, or find tutorials online?

    • I actually learned more about it in my media design class!

  • This is awesome! I use Photoshop, but I remember using Illustrator back when I was in college!

    Katie |

  • Kate

    This is awesome. I have wanted to get to know Illustrator for a while now. I just haven’t had the time.

  • Adriana

    Love this! I’m pretty good with Photoshop but still need some practice with Illustrator!

  • I love Illustrator. I used to use it for graphics before my RAM needed an upgrade. It is the best and easy to use once you use it once or twice

  • This is so helpful! I need to use design programs more often!

  • I like to use Canva when it comes to creating graphics for Pinterest. I do have to pay for it monthly but it’s so worth it because I don’t understand photoshop/design programs lol

    • I did that for a while, but Illustrator is more worth it for me!

  • I was always more intimidated by Illustrator than Photoshop for some reason.

  • This is an awesome tutorial! I don’t have illustrator, but if I ever get it, I’ll definitely turn back to this post! You explained everything so clearly, I love that.

  • Such a great post! I love that you show step by step!

  • This is one of the best, and easiest tutorials I’ve seen! Thank you Alix for giving your tips!!

  • Such an easy to understand tutorial! Thanks for sharing!


  • Amanda Schreiber

    I use Canva for now, but looking at getting Illustrator. Thank you!

    • Canva is a great stepping block for Illustrator lol!

  • This is neat! Seems very complex. I use Canva, personally.

  • Aarika Chilson

    This is an awesome tutorial! Thank you for the detailed description for making Pinterest graphics. Love it!

  • These are great tips!

  • Such a great, beginner-friendly tutorial!

  • This is such a good tut for illustrator! It’s such a great program but not always the most user-friendly… at least to me. Thanks for sharing!

    • Haha once you get it, it’s so addicting!