Okay, I haven’t really been in the mood to do anything but read. The weather calls for staying home, cozying up with a blanket and drinking hot beverages. In the spirit of that, I’ve also been re-reading some books that I consider classics. So here’s my list of book classics.

Contains affiliate links. The weather outside is frightful (actually it's just really cold), so I'm sharing 10 of my favorite book classics that you just HAVE to read!
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1. The Great Gatsby

Okay It isn’t the best for role models and it can be rather materialistic, but honestly it’s probably my favorite book ever. What does that say about me? Also if you’ve read it you’ll LOL at this.

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2. Pride and Prejudice

Um, duh! Like the best love story ever told! Absolute favorite! I’ve seen the Keira Knightly movie version like too many times to count and I’ve read the book multiple times.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird

I haven’t read the sequel yet (I’ve heard mainly negative reviews), but this book is frustratingly awesome! There are so many iconic scenes to love.

4. The Book Thief

The Book Thief is pretty recent, but omg is it good! All I can say is:

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P.S. I heard the movie was terrible.

5. The Picture of Dorian Grey

This book is great to read around Halloween. When I first read it I was too young to fully grasp it and I hated it, but I recently re-read it and loved it!

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6. The Scarlet Letter

Such a frustrating story line, but a lesson of societal pressure! I remember watching ‘Easy A’ and thinking I SO READ THAT BOOK!

7. The Outsiders

Ahhh, so good! Just read it. “Stay gold, Ponyboy!”

8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Another book that’s pretty recent, but also awesome! The book that started my HP obsession, I will of course include it in a book classics list. Did you see that what Stephen King said?

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9. Murder on the Orient Express

All hail the queen of mysteries! I’m re-reading this now and it just reminded me of how amazing she is.

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10. Little Women

Can you believe I haven’t read the book? I used to watch the 1949 version on a loop and ruined the tape back when VHS was huuuuge. I will have to add it to my 2018 TBR list.

What are your favorite book classics?





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  • I totally remember reading some of these for school!

    • I read the majority of these for school!

  • Nicole DaRosa

    Great picks here! Pride and Prejudice is one that I’ve been interested in reading. My goal for 2018 is to read more classic books like these 🙂

  • Such a great list. I’ve read most of these, but there are a few that have been on my list forever. I really want to read Murder on the Orient Express, and The Great Gatsby.

  • Elizabeth McCravy

    I will check these out! My husband just finished reading The Picture of Dorian Grey and loved it too!

    • I didn’t really get it when I first read it hah!

  • Kira Hak

    I have read half of these! Love this post,I’ll have to check out the remaining ones I haven’t read 🙂

    • There are a lot I haven’t read yet too!

  • I love Great Gatsby– I’m a huge F. Fitzgerald fan! I need to read Murder on the Orient Express… I heard that’s a good one!

    • The Great Gatsby is soooooooo good!

  • Carolyn Marie

    Thank you for the reminder of these classics. I have been trying to get around to reading The Book Thief but I haven’t found the time this crazy Christmas season. Sounds like I need to make a stop at Half Price Books!

    • The Book Thief is definitely one to read when you have more time, it’s kinda long!

  • Fantastic choices! If you asked me to name my top 2 favorite books, it would be The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter. I would also probably put Gone with the Wind on my list.

    • I haven’t read Gone with the Wind yet! I’ve only seen the movie…

  • I love Murder on the Orient Express! I can’t wait tos ee the movie!

    • I’ve heard the movie was only okay, but it looks good!

  • Miss ALK

    Some of these I’ve read and some of these I haven’t! I loved Little Women when I was growing up!

    xoxo A

  • Tami

    You’ve listed some really great books here! Especially Pride and Prejudice, that’s my favorite book ever. <3

  • To Kill A Mockingbird is probably #1 on my list of all-time favorite books!!

  • I loved Jane Eyre! I actually hated The Great Gatsby haha – book nerd fail!

  • Azanique

    The Great Gasby is one my favs! I need to add some of these others to my reading list.

    -xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

  • Great list! I love the Book Thief! such a good one!

  • Taylor Smith

    I love the Great Gatsby. These are all awesome classics!

  • I’ve heard such amazing things about Book Thief and it’s now on my To-Read list!

    • Omg you just have to read it haha.

  • Tracey Nguyen

    Love Little Women…one of my fav. Going to add the rest on my To-Read list ha ha! Thanks for sharing girl 🙂

  • I’ve read F451 too many times to count haha. It was always on our reading lists.

  • Definitely all classics! And Harry Potter is like 20 years old now!! Crazy. I too, love The Great Gatsby, I even loved the new movie. But I still HATE Dorian Gray. Maybe I should try it again?!

    • And I remember when HP first came out! I feel so old ha.

  • Oh the Great Gatsby is my FAVORITE. I actually haven’t read a lot of these on this list; I’ll need to read some of these!

  • Paige Rankin

    That looks like a great list. I wish I was more of a reader!

    xoxo, Paige

    • I’ve always been a sucker for a good book haha.

  • Robin @ And Then We Tried

    I haven’t read the book thief. I’ll have to give that one a try! Thanks for the recommendations.

    • Omg The Book Thief is such an essential to read!

  • Logan Elizabeth Abbott

    I’ll admit, I hadn’t even read any of the Harry Potter books until my boyfriend started reading them to me this year, but they’re quickly becoming my favorites! My favorite classic book of all time has to be the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas though. The original version is super long (around 1200 pages?) but it is SO worth it! I definitely recommend checking it out if you like historical rags to riches/revenge stories!

    Logan | signedlogan.com

    • HP is my absolute favorite! I need to read The Count of Monte Cristo.

  • I love The Great Gatsby. Also a huge fan of Their Eyes Were Watching God. I could read that book over and over again.