You know what I really underestimated? Not getting enough sleep. Well okay, not getting enough sleep due to a dry cough, I’m talking about falling asleep at like 10:30, having your cough wake you up at like 1 going back to sleep only to wake up coughing again at 4:45 not being able to rest for like 3 hours then having your body wake you up at 8. Ugh.

I don't mind being sleep deprived due to reading a good book or finishing a series on Netflix, but having a dry cough is no bueno. Here are some tips to dealing with a dry cough at night.

These are some tips I used when I had a horrible dry cough at night. Here’s a fun update: the medicine I was on was making me projectile vomit. I switched medicines and I’m a lot better now.


Sleeping at a 90º angle isn’t ideal but OMG does it make a difference. When I first developed this dry cough, for some reason I didn’t elevate when I slept so I got like 3 hours of sleep max. When I stacked my pillows on top of each other and raised my bed (I have an adjustable) I got 5-6, which is a HUGE improvement.

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2. Sleep with a humidifier/diffuser on your nightstand

Another tip that I underestimated. I have a humidifier and I didn’t use it (what was I thinking?!)  My old one was just a humidifier but I just got this one which is a humidifier, diffuser AND vaporizer. I slept with it close by so I could really inhale the vapors.

3 Peppermint essential oil is your best friend

As I mentioned above, I slept with a diffuser by my bed. Well I diffused peppermint essential oil to help me sleep and help my cough (PEO is BAWSE for dry coughs). I also dabbed some on my sinuses if I needed a bit more relief. Read this for more oils and their uses.

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4. So are cough drops

Cough drops are made for…coughs so of course I’m going to include it here. I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in cough drops during the past two weeks (thank goodness the ones I have are sugar free!). They’re also a nightstand staple for me.

5. Take a warm bath before bed

At first I took this just to mean a soaking bath, that’s good too, but it can also mean a warm shower. I say warm because I’ve made the mistake of taking a hot shower and my skin was SUPER dry.

6. Drink a hot beverage

Hot ginger tea really helps me when I feel under the weather. I probably survived on cough drops and ginger tea these past two weeks. But it doesn’t have to be just hot beverages. Staying hydrated ALWAYS does a body good. Here are some tips to combat the pesky cough Click To Tweet

7. Consider medicine

Going the organic and all natural method is great and does help, but sometimes medicine is essential. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a doctor and they tell me this all the time; “Always try the natural remedies first, but if you really don’t feel good-see a doctor and get some medicine.”

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How do you deal with a dry cough at night?

Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

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