You know what I love seeing? An email/notification of new stock photos from my favorite photographers. The best part is they are completely free and only require a subscription (if your inbox can handle more emails). These are my favorite stock photo sites.

I have an obsession with stock photos and finding ones that aren't 'cheesy' isn't easy. Here are 11 of my favorite free and stylish stock photo sites.

1. SC Stockshop

Shay is the queen of flatlays in my humble opinion! Her emails are always make my day, 🙂

2. Haute Stock

Rachel’s photos are so great! She was one of the first stock photo subscriptions I signed up for and I still love getting her emails.

3. Styled Stock Society (formally Wonderfelle)

SSS is the only paid subscription service I have (so far) and that’s because the photos are exactly what I’m looking for.

4. Ivory Mix

A library of 300+ gorgeous FREE photos? Sign me up!

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5. Stock Gallery (formally Turquoise and Palm)

Sign up to be a photo contributor! Plus T+P is now an awesome micro-influencer network.

6. Kate Max

Kate Max Stock was new to me when I first signed up, now it’s one of my favorites! And another great thing is her single purchase photos are so plentiful and they don’t break the bank.

7. Oh Tilly

Her photos are so fun and she her blog has so many useful items!

8. TwigyPosts

I looove her minimalistic and effortless images!

9. Maria Savina

Talk about feminine! I debated between posting this one or one with a unicorn…

10. Hello You Designs

Okay, HYD caters more to WP themes, but if you sign up for some freebies (I found the link at the bottom of the site) you get some awesome photos and cool graphics.

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 11. Pixi Stock

I almost forgot to add this last site! I JUST found Alicia through an IG thread in one of the FB groups I’m in and LOVE her work!

I probably mixed up some of the photos here, if so, mea culpa! A lot of these are used for Instagram posts, Pinterest graphics and etc.

Also, always remember to read the terms & conditions for each individual photo source! I just re-read them for a refresher.

What are your favorite stock photo Sites?



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