Y’all I know NOTHING about hair either than washing it and protecting it from heat (like a straight iron). Enter this guest post from Joana Teixeira on winter hair care. 

Winter can be a tough time for hair (and skin, your health and your body). With all those cold, blustery winds and frosty mornings most locks take a bit of a hit at this time of year. This can be frustrating when we feel down anyway due to the lack of light and warmth between October and March. Having bad-looking or unhealthy hair is one problem we really don’t need! Luckily with a few hair care tips and advice you can sort your hair out to look gorgeous and healthy all year round. Here’s what to do to make sure you maintain a great style, whatever the weather.

Here's a guest post about winter hair care from London based journalist Joana Teixeira! I know nothing about hair so these tips are gold.

Protect your hair from the elements

One of the main reasons hair can get damaged during this time of the year is exposure to the elements. Low temperatures, strong winds and icy mornings can all contribute to weakening the individual hair strands leading to breakage and frizz. Make sure to wrap up your hair before heading out in either a glamorous head scarf or fashionable hat. Find one that suits you and make sure to wear it whenever the weather looks a bit dodgy.

Use seasonally appropriate products

We often don’t think of season when choosing hair products but there are some great shampoos and conditioners on the market these days designed specifically to protect the hair from seasonal damage. Have a look at those on offer when you next go to the store or ask your regular stylist for advice.

Condition, condition, condition

One of the most important hair care tips when it comes to winter.  The most common form of cold-based damage is drying out so pre-empt this by making sure your locks are gorgeously moisture-full. Use a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week.  These are designed to be used following a wash and should be left in for at least three minutes. Once washed out they give a gorgeous, shiny glow. Condition, condition, and condition! Get more hair care tips here---> Click To Tweet

Get your hair cut regularly 

Make sure your hair is cut regularly over the colder months. Low temperatures can create damage leading to breaks and split ends. By getting your hair cut at least every six to eight weeks you’ll be getting rid of any damaged ends.

With a bit of effort you’ll find it’s actually not that difficult to have great hair right through ‘til spring!

What are your winter hair care tips?

Joana Teixeira
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