Here’s to the first ‘in review’ post of the year! To read last year’s recap click here. Here’s my in review: January.

Who else is glad January is over? I didn't have the best start to 2018 and I'm ready to start fresh with a new month!
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Monthly Recap:

If you didn’t catch my previous week of sick posts (which are here, here and here), you might not have known that I was sick for like 3 weeks. It started New Years Day and went on the the first week of school. I was lucky though, the flu was HORRIBLE this time of year and apparently TX got the worst bit. Everyone I know had a day or two when they felt terrible and the hospitals here were overflowing with coughing, fevers and sore throats. We also heard that they were running out of beds. Overall this January wasn’t good health wise.

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Despite that, I got a new diffuser which I love and this post is doing well! Essential oil tip: diffusing lavender + orange while you sleep not only makes the room smell great it relieves headaches, de-stresses you and I found that I woke up in a good mood!

What I read this month

I finished ‘How to be an Overnight Success‘ c/o. It was good and inspiring for someone in a small business. In a recap: it took Maria Hatizistefanis (the creator of Rodial and Nip+Fab) 18 years to be deemed an ‘overnight success’. It isn’t a self help book, it is her own personal story.

And at the last minute I finished ‘Everything I Never Told You‘ and it was amazing, heartbreakingly good and just such a great read! I might do a book round up later on so there will be a more comprehensive review then.

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My Latest Obsession: This new skincare routine

I do the multi-masks (The Herbivore pink clay on the face and the Purity pore cleanser on the t-zone) every Sunday then when I’m done I spray the Dermalogica toner and put my daily moisturizer on, then I use the Mario Badescu facial spray every day before class (and before makeup If I put any on).

Full disclosure: when I first put the pink clay mask on, let it stay for 15 minutes then washed it off my skin was SCREAMING! But after I got it off and let my skin rest my skin felt fresh, baby soft, and super clean. My reasoning is that the pink clay is just a really, really good exfoliator.

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Monthly funny





What’s the difference between a guitar and a fish?

















You can’t tuna fish










Blog Stats:

Pageviews: 8,465
UPV: 3,799
Sessions: 3,044
Users: 2,056

My stats are finally going up! I legit logged on to Google Analytics and was super surprised to see those numbers. Only a little more to 10,000 page views!


I’m in a ‘classical cover of pop songs’ kind of mood.

How was your January?



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