On my old blog I posted a ‘what’s on my phone’ series and it was quite popular. Since I started from scratch on this blog I decided to bring that series back. And what’s my first post? Photo editing apps of course!

Aren't we all curious about what's on each other's phones? I'm nosy like that so I'm sharing my favorite photo editing apps with y'all!

1. Rhonna apps

I use Rhonna Designs to make some graphics on the go (if I don’t have the time to get on Illustrator/Photoshop) and I use Rhonna Collage to make the announcement graphics for my new blog posts via my Instagram Stories (see the ‘blog’ highlight in my profile for examples). I also have the Creative Cloud app so I can quickly get my blog post graphics from my computer to my phone quickly.

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2. Snapseed

This is my favorite photo editing app! I use it to bump up a photo’s brightness, exposure, contrast etc. It’s also great to touch up my photo backgrounds without enhancing the subject (if that’s needed).


VSCO is what I use for my IG filter now (I used ACS before-Ill get to why I changed later). I didn’t realize that you can now ‘create’ your own filter. I use the same filter for all my posts and it helps with consistency.

4. A Color Story

Okay, so here’s my story of why I switched editing apps-I just did that’s why. I was bored one day and started playing around with the VSCO filters again- I ran a poll on my IGS (Instagram Stories) and the majority liked the VSCO filter I made so I switched! Don’t worry ACS, I’ll probably be back to you again later.

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5. Portrait

Alas none of my immediate family has the portrait mode feature on their phone so I use this app instead. I am a perfectionist so I take a lot of time selecting the exact section that should be blurred so it can take a while.

6. Facetune

Although this app is for selfies, to get rid of that pesky blemish, pimple, stray hair or even tiny scar that can be erased with the skin smoothing feature of this app, I’ve used it on other photos also. That’s not the only feature though, I use it to whiten my smile, fix red eye, enhance details even reshape my face if I need to (I pretty much never use this feature).

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7. Hype Type

This is the app I use to make animate the text in my IGS. I use it to make my #MondayMantra posts and to update y’all if there’s a new post on my feed!

What are your favorite photo editing apps?

Author: Alix Maza

Alix is a college student, Step Up Magazine contributor, wannabe author, blogger and a super girly-girl who loves dogs and is entirely too dependent on coffee.

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