Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! My last favorite quote post and the fact that it’s V-Day inspired me to write this post. So here are my favorite love quotes.

Happy Valentine's Day 2018! I'm sharing some of my favorite love quotes today. Everything from self love, parental love, funny quotes and of course romantic ones.

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It was between this one and that one essentially said ‘loving yourself is the first step to a great relationship’. Check out this #loveyourself subscription box!

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I remember reading this quote years ago and loving it.

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Is it sad/weird that I LOL’ed at this?

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I watched an episode of ‘Call the Midwife’ that reminded me of this quote-it maybe made me cry. Okay I cried.

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Someone in class said a version of this so I went looking for the actual quote.

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This one is cheeky, so true and possibly my favorite.

Image via Emily Moore

I’m laughing because it’s too true.

Image via Emily Moore

The book (Love You Forever) is my mom’s favorite kid’s book and I’m pretty sure we read it every night for a while.

I also love this holiday because of all the great free stock photos that are in my inbox and fit in with my theme. I tried to link back to where I got these images. If I got it wrong, Sorry!

What are your favorite love quotes?


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